With spring around the corner many customers have been asking about ways to add curb appeal or spruce up their home. Decorating Patio’s and installing pergolas have become some great ways to make your back yard a hideaway during the summer months. If resurfacing your concrete something you are considering, then there are several options that get you different results. From coatings, to stains, resurfacing and overlays have been very common methods shared to us by customers. The first methods of coating is typically an epoxy layer. They consist of a deep scrubbing of the surface, pressure washing. Then the surface is applied with a primer and two part epoxy. These can be mixed and tinted with various colors and as the material is poured onto your surface, a highlight such as oyster shell is sprinkled in the finish. While these are great ways to provide a custom finish, quality can vary and it only seals to the surface of your concrete. Another method is to stain the concrete. Many stains actually penetrate into the surface of the concrete. This allows the finish to provide some strengthening qualities to the concrete and preserve it for years to come. Over time, the top layer if applied to thick can begin peeling and cracking. Ongoing sealing or coatings may be needed every 3-5 years depending on the manufacturer. The last method would be to install an overpour or Resurfacing system. An overpour is installed by pouring a 1/2-1” thick layer of concrete on top of the existing surface. With Oklahoma’s weather patterns we suggest against this because the lifetime is limited by its ability to bond the layers. Even with bonding agents these layers have a tendency to crack and chip with the changing seasons. That’s why resurfacing with an appropriate material such as Resurface Pro is important to recreating and preserving the concrete.

Resurface pro starts with an extensive cleaning. Power washers are used to prepare the concrete for installation. Any cracks are sealed and voids filled using poly level structural foam. The Resurface Pro Cementous mix is applied using a specialty sprayer. Once dry the surface is textured and sealed with a stabilizing penetrant. Once complete the resurfaced driveway, patio or sidewalk can then be sealed, stained or epoxied. If you or anyone has any questions or would like to receive a free inspection contact us at www.vestafoundationsolutions.com or 405-213-0492