Floor and Wall Crack Repair in OKC

When cracks form in your floors or walls, your home is at risk for devastating water damage. Once cracks start, it's easy for rainwater to get through, making them worse over time. It's essential to have them looked at and fixed as soon as possible.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we offer free Oklahoma City basement crack repair inspections to every resident in the area. Reach out to us at (405) 233-8533 to schedule yours today. 

How Do Cracks in Floors and Walls Happen?

The most significant cause of your basement floors and walls cracking is water. When soil is too saturated, it puts tons of pressure on them. This pressure is commonly caused by the expansion of the soil outside of your foundation’s wall.  Eventually, this leads to cracks and water damage.  

Fixing Basement Cracks

  • Floor Cracks: When water seepage starts, repairs need to be made by installing a perimeter drainage system. A drainage system will stop the water before it gets in by capturing it and rerouting it to an outdoor sump pump.
  • Foundation Wall Cracks: No matter how small the crack is, water will always get in. A drainage pump is also helpful for foundation cracks to reroute water. Then, our Oklahoma City foundation experts will use EPOXY or Carbon fiber products to create a waterproof seal where there is leakage.
  • Windows: Damaged or old window frames are a major culprit for water leakage, too. To install a drainage system for your windows, our team will make small holes under them to attach a plastic fitting. Then, the fitting can channel water to the drain. Once installed, we'll make sure your windows are sealed by injecting the holes with polymer. 
Bowing concrete wall

How Much Does Basement Crack Repair Cost?

Because every home is unique and every problem different, an inspection is needed to determine the cost of crack repair. Our knowledgeable team will evaluate any Oklahoma City crack repair cost for free and find the perfect solution for your home.

Trust Vesta for Crack Repair

At Vesta, we understand how urgent it is to find a solution for leaking walls and floors. Water damage is detrimental to your home, causing mold and worsening cracks. That's why we offer free inspections to all homeowners in the area.

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