Bowing and Buckling Foundation Wall Repair Near Oklahoma City

How to identify and repair issues due to foundation wall failure

As a homeowner, you may notice bowing or buckling basement walls or other signs of movement in your home’s foundation. When this takes place, it indicates the foundation walls have been compromised and are prone to cause structural damage to your home. You’ll want to call our foundation wall repair experts in Oklahoma City for a free inspection. We’ll determine what repair work is necessary for a permanent solution to the foundation problems your home is facing.

Signs to look for in bowing foundations

When the soil around your home expands, it causes the foundation walls to move inward, resulting in noticeable bowing or cracking. There are a number of signs to be on the lookout for, like cracks in the foundation walls that are horizontal or stair-step, bowing or bulging walls, walls that are sliding inward toward the bottom or leaning in at the top, or diagonal cracks in the corners of poured concrete walls. In addition, you may notice wet or expansive clay soils around the exterior of your home coupled with damaged walls.

Bowing basement wall

The cause of cracked and bowing foundation walls

There are a number of factors that can cause tremendous pressure on your foundation walls, resulting in leaning or collapsing walls. How much pressure depends on four things: the type of soil, how much moisture is in the soil, how far underground the foundation is, and the temperature. When there is expansive clay soil surrounding your home, hydrostatic pressure, and frost, pressure is exerted on the foundation walls. Additionally, when soil becomes saturated with water from roof runoff it becomes heavy and even more expansive, leading to foundation wall problems. That’s why your gutters and downspouts need to be taken into consideration if they are contributing to water that’s collecting around the foundation of your home.

Let our foundation experts help

Upon inspection of your home’s foundation, we’ll determine a permanent solution that may include the installation of a Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System to stabilize the walls. Or we may install the PowerBrace™ wall repair system or CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System. All of these methods will solve issues your home is having with bowing or buckling foundation walls. Reach out to our Oklahoma City bowing wall repair experts today to schedule your free inspection!