Foamax Insulation & Finishing Panels for Basement Waterproofing Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

Foam Insulation That Provides a Dry Basement

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, in Oklahoma City,  we offer Foamax, an advanced foam insulation product which offers superior moisture protection for your basement. If you’re planning or in the middle of a basement remodel, or just want to waterproof the basement walls of your Oklahoma City property, get energy savings and a cleaner, brighter aesthetic with these foam insulation panels. 

Thermax Sample Product

What are the Advantages of Installing Foamax Insulation Panels?

These high-performance foam insulation panels have a white foil finish on the front sides for a clean look. The back side features a foil vapor barrier, which reduces condensation and protects your interior from moisture.

The bright finish can be left exposed; there’s no need to finish or paint the walls afterward. But if you are considering finishing your basement, ask our Oklahoma basement waterproofing team about installing one of our basement wall solutions over the Foamax panels. Foamax offers a high-insulation value that will keep your basement noticeably warmer. And with our WaterGuard drainage system, any leaking water is directed to a perimeter drainage system.

Top Reasons to Insulate Your Basement Walls

If your basement suffers from humidity or dampness, it will be vulnerable to mold and mildew, which could lead to costly rot or structural damage and can even cause health problems for your household. Water leaks and moisture can come from many sources, such as through the foundation or from leaking pipes, sinks, or showers. Once in the air, moisture from these leaks will encounter cooler basement walls and form condensation that leads to mold and musty smells. With Foamax insulation panels, however, your basement walls will be warmer and won’t give the moist air the cool surface it needs to condense into liquid and cause problems.  

Let us help you save money on your energy bills and protect your basement from condensation with our basement waterproofing solutions in Oklahoma City. Call today to schedule a free inspection and estimate!

How does insulation solve a basement condensation problem?

Basement condensation is a common problem that’s caused when warm, moist air comes in contact with the cool surface of the walls. As the walls cool the air, water droplets form on the walls, giving you a damp basement.

The source of your damp basement problem could be a water leak or moisture coming through the concrete foundation. Water can also come from a leaking pipe, toilet, sink or shower. High humidity from cooking, showering, and drying clothes can also make your basement damp.

Insulating the basement walls of your Oklahoma City property beneath finishing panels prevents the moist air from coming in contact with the cool walls, stopping condensation from forming in the summer. Basement wall insulation also helps keep the heat you paid for from escaping to the outdoors in the winter.

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