Common Foundation Problems

For floor cracks, cracked and bowing walls, and other common symptoms of foundation issues in residential and commercial structures, our Oklahoma City foundation repair company is the team to call.

Foundation problems are annoying at best, dangerous and scary at worst. Unfortunately, once a problem has been discovered, the only solution for foundation issues will involve professional intervention. Waiting to repair the root cause of foundation problems will only result in more floor cracks, bowing walls, or interior or exterior wall cracks. The longer you wait, the longer the safety, appearance, and value of your property is put at risk.

The team at Vesta Foundation Solutions is here to meet all your foundation repair needs. Our Oklahoma City foundation repair company offers a wide range of patented solutions that we’ll custom-design to fix the specific issues your home faces. Because we’re the only authorized Supportworks dealer in Oklahoma, our team is the only one with access to their engineer-designed products. Supportworks is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of foundation repair products in the United States, and every product they create uses premium materials and is rigorously tested for safety and efficacy by a team of structural engineers. For warrantied foundation repair products that will provide permanent solutions for your home, there’s no better pair than Supportworks’ foundation repair solutions and Vesta’s team of installation experts.

Cracked wall

Cracked Walls

Common Signs of Foundation Problems 

If you don’t know what to look for, you may not notice some of the subtle signs of foundation problems until it’s too late. If you stay on the lookout for foundation wall, foundation floor, and soil problems that can lead to foundation issues, you’ll be better prepared to fix it early and save yourself trouble down the line. Easy signs to look for include sticking doors and windows and interior or exterior wall cracks about the home. Any of these could be a symptom of foundation issues, and our Oklahoma City cracked wall and floor repair team can inspect your foundation and provide a free quote for any solutions we suggest, if any.

Vesta Foundation Solutions provides effective, warrantied solutions for foundation problems of all types. The training our Oklahoma City foundation repair company takes on, the installation techniques we use, and the top-quality products we source are the exact configuration of people, products, and processes needed to permanently fix your foundation. 

Call Vesta Foundation Solutions to Repair Your Foundation Problems

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