Cracked and Uneven Concrete

Home and business owners depend on concrete more than they realize. Sidewalks, garages, and other walkable outdoor areas are almost always cement. When they become cracked or uneven, it creates a tripping hazard for your family or anyone walking on your property. Not to mention, it's a serious eyesore to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Causes of Concrete Failure

There are various reasons why concrete fails, and each cause displays unique symptoms. If you have cracked, unlevel, or pitted concrete, it's likely due to weather exposure or soil problems.

Weather Elements

The surface of your concrete doesn't last forever under UV rays and daily foot traffic. Eventually, it becomes pitted and chipped. This can also occur during extreme weather changes like freeze-thaw cycles. Concrete is porous, so the moisture it absorbs will expand when it freezes, weakening the surface.

Soil Problems

The soil under your concrete can affect it in numerous ways depending on the environment. Soil shrinks and expands with water content, meaning dry weather causes shrinkage, and heavy rains cause expansion. Regardless of climate, soil can also simply be poorly compacted in general. When this happens, pockets in the dirt cannot support the slab's weight, and it begins to settle.

Example of sunken concrete on a sidewalk

The Best Concrete Repair Solutions

Our concrete repair experts at Vesta can both level your concrete and seal the cracks. We use our PolyLevel® and SealantPro™ concrete repair systems for easy, dependable solutions to failing concrete. Depending on the symptoms and cause of concrete problems you're experiencing, we may use one or a combination of our repair methods to restabilize and resurface your slabs permanently.

Schedule a Free Concrete Inspection

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