Basement Waterproofing Products in Oklahoma City

We Have the Right Accessories to Complete Your Waterproofing System

Vesta Foundation Solutions proudly offers a wide range of basement waterproofing products in the Oklahoma City area. If you own a residential or commercial property in OKC or the nearby areas, we can help you find the right waterproofing system for your needs. We invite you to contact us today for a free inspection! 

Downspout drain for waterproofing solutions
FreezeGuard® Discharge Line System

Living in the southern portion of the U.S. means dealing with occasional flooding and colder weather, too. Neither of these is helpful to your plumbing system. If your discharge line backs up, your pipes will stop working. We offer our FreezeGuard® Discharge Line System to protect your pipes and help your water easily flow out another way. If the pipes have a blockage, your water can still escape and prevent flooding or frozen pipelines.

FlexiSpan® Wall Crack Repair

Have you ever experienced a crack in your basement wall? Cracks can lead to water entering your basement and possibly other parts of your home. FlexiSpan® is a flexible sealant that repairs wall cracks with a permanent solution that seals the wall, even as the wall moves.

RainChute® Downspout Extentions

Did you know your rain gutters are essential for flooding prevention? If your gutters aren’t properly draining, your home can experience flooding from the debris blockage. We offer a few RainChute® downspout extensions that help move water away from your home.

  • The LawnScape™ Outlet - This option works best with at least 8 feet of extension. We bury the pipe as it’s connected from the downspout to the LawnScape™ Outlet. 
  • The RainChute® - The RainChute® is a recessed downspout extension that sits level with the ground, preferably where the lawn and foundation meet. This recessed drain chute flows above ground.
  • RainChute EZ® - This downspout option sits above the ground to move water away from the foundation. 

Our basement waterproofing experts in Oklahoma City can help you decide which option works best for your property. Reach out to us with questions or to schedule a free inspection!

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