Oklahoma City Concrete Leveling & Slab Repair

What Causes Concrete Slab Damage?

Concrete is the most common material used in construction and has been for millennia. It’s not perfect, though. Concrete can crack, spall, and pit. It will also sink as the soil that supports it shifts and heaves with seasonal changes in water content, or if the concrete is on top of soil filled with organic matter that becomes compacted over the years. Concrete is strong against forces of compression—heavy loads pushing down on it or against it. But concrete lacks sufficient tensile strength to maintain its structure when subjected to asymmetric forces (torsion); for example, when a concrete slab is unevenly loaded with heavy and constant weight. This is where the concrete leveling experts in Oklahoma City at Vesta Foundation Solutions come in.

Concrete Slab Repair in Oklahoma City

Since 2006, Vesta Foundation Solutions has been a trusted leader in Oklahoma City for concrete slab repair and other concrete, foundation, and crawl space services. We offer concrete leveling services in Oklahoma City for slabs that have sunken in your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck. In most cases, it takes less than a day to level your concrete slabs and restore the safety of your property. We also seal concrete to protect your concrete slabs from the weather. For pitted and spalling concrete, we use silicone-based SealantPro™, which offers permanent protection from the elements.

Contact Vesta for a Free Inspection!

When you need concrete leveling and slab repair in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or Edmond, reach out to the experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions and schedule your free inspection. We believe that repairing homes and local business properties has a direct, positive impact on the lives and lifestyles of the people in the communities we serve. Our goal is to do our best every day for our neighbors, which is why we never sign off on a project until we know you are entirely happy with our work and service. 

Before example showing cracks in slab