Tilting Chimney Repair Services in the Oklahoma City Area

Let Our Experts Properly Repair the Issues With Your Leaning Chimney

Is your chimney tilting or leaning? If so, our Oklahoma City chimney repair experts can help. We serve homeowners in the Oklahoma City area with tilting or leaning chimney repair and foundation repair services, and we have earned a reputation for dependable, quality services. If you’re noticing signs of foundation issues in your home, reach out to Vesta Foundation Solutions today! We can help.

Why Repair a Tilting Chimney?

Leaning or cracking chimneys are a sign of a foundation problem and should be addressed right away to prevent further damage. Our team can inspect your chimney and other parts of your home to determine the underlying cause and ensure the damage doesn’t get worse.

Why is My Chimney Tilting?

There are several reasons a chimney might lean, including:

  • Missing footing - Chimneys may lean because of a missing footing or an insufficient one.
  • Improper support structure - If your house has a foundation issue, it can cause the chimney to lean.
  • Poor soil - The soil around the foundation may not support the home's structure, causing a leaning chimney.

Whether your chimney is tilting because of a soil or footing issue or something else, our team can offer a long-term solution to restore stability and permanently repair your chimney and your foundation, if necessary.

Tilted Chimney example

Helical Pier Installation

Our team uses helical piers to restore support to the foundation, which corrects leaning or tilting of the chimney. We install these foundation piers deep into the underlying soil, then we attach the piers to the foundation with brackets to provide permanent foundation support.

Avoid a Quick Fix

Simply filling in any void between the house and the chimney isn’t a solution. Some homeowners may decide to fill the void with caulk, foam, masonry, or another similar material. But this is just a temporary fix that will need to be removed when permanent repairs are completed.

Also important to remember is that issues with the chimney are often associated with more severe foundation problems. The problems that are causing the chimney to lean may also impact your foundation and your home’s entire structure. Our Oklahoma City chimney repair experts can identify and properly repair your tilting or leaning chimney and any foundation issues you may be having.


Our Team Can Properly Repair Your Tilting Chimney!

Contact Vesta Foundation Solutions for your tilting or leaning chimney repair needs here in the Oklahoma City area. Reach out for your free, written foundation repair inspection! Our in-person, on site, no-obligation inspections are available to homeowners in the Oklahoma City area. We offer chimney repair services in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and the nearby areas. Call (405) 233-8533 or e-mail us today to request an appointment!