Oklahoma City Crawl Space Dehumidifiers and Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Energy-Efficient Dehumidifiers Control Humidity and Prevent Mold Growth 

Vesta Foundation Solutions provides our Oklahoma City customers with state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and the best waterproofing solutions available. Our powerful dehumidifiers circulate dry air to ensure excess moisture stays out of basements and crawl space areas. Mold and odors are no match for our energy-efficient systems!

Aprilaire Dehumidifier and Air Systems

Most dehumidifiers sold in stores are not powerful enough to handle the moisture found in basements and crawl spaces. Aprilaire dehumidifiers are the solution you need to rid your basement of humidity and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Our Oklahoma City crawl space dehumidifier installation experts prefer the following Aprilaire dehumidifier systems:

Aprilaire 1820 Crawl Space Dehumidifier
  • An ideal model for crawl space areas
  • Dries and filters air to remove dampness and odors
  • Filters fine particles of dust, dust mite excrement, and mold spores
  • Removes as much as 70 pts. of water daily
Aprilaire 1830 Small Home/Basement Dehumidifier
  • Dries up to 3,800 square feet 
  • Perfect for townhomes, small homes, condos, and crawl space areas
  • Features a digital control panel
  • Removes at least 70 pts. of water every day
Aprilaire 1850 & 1852 Whole-Home/Basement Dehumidifier
  • The ideal system for dehumidifying your entire house
  • Dries up to 5,200 square feet
  • Features a digital control panel
  • Compatible with ductwork for drying finished spaces
  • Removes as much as 95 pts. of water each day
Aprilaire 1870 & 1872 Whole-Home/Basement Dehumidifier
  • The most powerful choice for your entire house
  • Dries up to 7,200 square feet
  • Highest energy-efficiency rating by ENERGY STAR in 2020
  • Digital control panel and ductwork compatible
  • Removes as much as 130 pts. of water daily

Vesta Foundation Solutions Makes Your Home Healthier

Vesta Foundation Solutions is the company you can trust for warrantied dehumidifiers, basement waterproofing solutions, and crawl space dehumidifier installation in Oklahoma City. To ensure your crawl space, basement, and your entire home stay dry, comfortable, and fresh, contact us now to request your free inspection. We look forward to serving you!

We can help you create a drier, healthier home!

If you've waterproofed your basement, a reliable, low-maintenance dehumidifier system is a final touch that makes a big difference! You'll love how dry and clean our systems can make your basement feel! These systems work perfectly with our other basement waterproofing products or as a standalone option.

To schedule a dehumidifier installation quote with one of our experienced waterproofing professionals, contact Vesta Foundation Solutions by phone or e-mail today! We proudly serve Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond and many surrounding areas in Oklahoma.