Prevent Humidity in Your Crawl Space with Block Wall Sealer

If your crawl space was built with concrete blocks, there are most likely openings that are allowing moisture to pass through and enter your crawl space. Even if you have a vapor barrier installed, moisture can still enter through these openings and cause water damage. It’s important to seal your concrete blocks to give your crawl space the ultimate protection against water damage.

Water damage can lead to many unwanted problems like mold growth, pest infestation, musty odors, or even structural damage. To avoid these problems, it’s important to completely waterproof your crawl space.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions of Oklahoma, we can install the WallCap Block Wall System.

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Wall Cap example under stairs

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Installing the WallCap System

The WallCap System is designed with plastic coverings that are installed along the concrete blocks to completely cover any openings and keep moisture out of your crawl space.

Our crew attaches the WallCap System to your concrete blocks with thick plastic pegs and screws to ensure it stays in place. We then apply a polymer seal over the plastic covers to create a permanent bond between the plastic and the concrete block. 

Our crew can quickly install this system along with other crawl space products to give your crawl space complete protection against moisture intrusion. The WallCap System is a quick and easy install along with the rest of the Vesta crawl space products. 

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