Water Heater Repair and Flood Protection in Oklahoma City

Water damage is one of the top insurance claims for homeowners. However, obvious causes like broken pipes or damaged foundations may not always be the culprit for flooding. Your home's water heater can fail and create severe water damage before you recognize where the source of the water is. If that’s the case, our water heater repair experts in Oklahoma City are here to inspect the damage, solve the problem, and take steps to prevent the same level of damage from happening again.

Water Heater Flooding

Problems with your water heater are hard to identify because the problem lies within the appliance's interior. Depending on what's wrong, you may experience a small leak or a complete rupture causing gallons of water to pour out. In either case, your water heater refills itself automatically, so the water damage will continue until it's repaired. The most obvious sign that your water heater is the source of the flooding is experiencing a wet basement floor in tandem with no hot water. These are warning signs that your water heater may burst:

  • Leaking pressure valve
  • Brown water
  • Foul odor
Example of flood ring product around water heater

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Protect Your Basement with FloodRing®

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, our flood protection experts in Oklahoma City can install the FloodRing® system to protect your home in the event of a failed water heater. This solution is easy to install, keeps you safe from the dangers of electricity and water, and prevents water damage. The FloodRing® design includes:

  • 4-inch PVC ring around installed around the water tank
  • Capability with floor drainage systems and sump pumps
  • WaterWatch® Floor Alarm to detect flooding as soon as it happens
  • Fast, easy installation

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Water heater problems are eventually inevitable for every homeowner. Keep your home protected with our easy, cost-effective solution. Reach out to our flood ring installation experts in Oklahoma City today to learn more and schedule a free consultation to see if FloodRing® is right for your home.