Basement Wall Crack Repair in Oklahoma

Cracks in your basement’s foundation walls aren’t a problem you should ignore. This can be an obvious indication that your foundation is failing. Wall cracks come in different sizes and are caused by various reasons, so it’s important to have a professional check them out to determine the issue.

Our team of experts has the experience necessary to recognize and diagnose your foundation issues and find a custom solution for your home. Reach out to us today to get a free inspection and quote from one of our professionals.

cracked interior wall

Types of Basement Wall Cracks

Not two cracks should be treated the same when it comes to foundation repair. It’s crucial to understand the different wall cracks that appear from various structural issues. It’s also important to recognize when a crack is normal and not an indication of foundational problems.

Normal Curing Concrete

This common type of crack is usually not anything to be concerned about. When your foundation is built, the cement shrinks during its curing process and this shrinkage causes small hairline cracks that don’t worsen over time. If you only see these cracks, it’s probably not a problem.

Stair Step Cracks

Among the most common type of foundational problems, cracks that look like stair steps are generally the result of bowing walls. This can happen because of foundation settlement or hydrostatic pressure, both of which require repair as soon as possible.

Vertical and Horizontal Cracks

Straight cracks that run horizontally or vertically and keep getting worse are also a big concern. These cracks may be accompanied by water leaking through the cracks and other symptoms like jammed doors or windows and bowing walls. In either case, a professional inspection is necessary to determine the cause.

Get a Free Professional Inspection

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