Protect Your Home’s Foundation with Preventative Care

The foundation of your home bears the weight of everything above it; it’s what keeps your home standing. And usually, when something goes wrong and you need foundation repair on your Oklahoma City home, the work isn’t cheap—plus it’s nerve-racking and intrusive on your life. It’s far easier and a lot less expensive to prevent foundation damage before it happens. But not all foundation issues are easy to detect.

The expert foundation inspectors in Oklahoma City at Vesta Foundation Solutions know what to look for and can recommend preventative measures you can take on your property to avoid costly, future repairs. Our Oklahoma City foundation inspectors will look over your yard to determine whether the grade on which your home is built has enough slope to divert water from the foundation of your home and whether your yard provides enough drainage opportunities for that diversion. We’ll also check your outside plumbing around the foundation and the pipes in your crawl space or basement for any signs of leaks or water intrusion. Flower gardens and shrubbery are wonderful for the aesthetic appeal of your home and help to increase its value, but if planted too close to your concrete foundation, the water needed to keep them alive can degrade the integrity of the concrete or masonry that supports your home. The root systems of the foliage around the house can also undermine the structural integrity of your foundation.

We will inspect the condition of your foundation to ensure there are no telltale signs of water damage or settling, and we’ll check your crawl space for any evidence of standing water or excessive humidity.

Preventing foundation damage on your Oklahoma City home or commercial property is always less expensive and less stressful than the heavy machinery and excavation that is often necessary to restore the stability of your foundation. Vesta Foundation Solutions provides permanent solutions for foundation repair, but we’re also committed to helping you avoid problems and high costs with preventative care and maintenance plans. Our Oklahoma City foundation inspectors and repair team are dedicated to providing our communities with fair and honest service and pricing. We have a reputation to uphold, and when it comes to protecting your home or business, we take our job seriously. Reach out to us and schedule your free foundation inspection to help prevent foundation damage on your Oklahoma City home or commercial property.

Vesta Foundation technician repairing foundation