Mudjacking v. PolyLevel® Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

As patios, walkways, driveways, and concrete steps sink, they can crack and create uneven surfaces. Sinking concrete is unsightly, and it can create a tripping hazard. Traditionally, this problem is often repaired by a process called mudjacking. However, at Vesta Foundation Solutions, we use a faster, less-invasive, more permanent solution to concrete repair and leveling known as PolyLevel®.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between mudjacking and PolyLevel®, or call our Oklahoma City team today to get your free concrete leveling and repair cost inspection!

What is mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a repair technique for lifting concrete slabs that have settled over time with a mortar-based mix. This method of concrete leveling involves pumping a mortar-based mixture of mud or slurry underneath a settling slab. This injected material is a mixture of water, soil, sand and Portland cement that cures to become a solid, stable fill. As the mixture is pumped underneath the concrete slab, it fills all empty spaces and creates pressure on the slab that lifts the surface upwards. Once injected, the slurry will then harden into a solid fill that's more stable than the soil, yet lighter than concrete.

Even though mudjacking was the concrete leveling method of choice for many years, it’s now considered an outdated concrete leveling technique. Mudjacking is a messy, invasive process that doesn’t provide the long-lasting solutions that homeowners are looking for. The slurry used for the mudjacking process, while lighter than concrete, is still heavy enough to lead to future settlement—eventually recreating the exact problems you probably used it to solve.

Uneven sidewalk example

Mudjacking vs. Polyurethane Foam Injection

Vesta Foundation Solutions offers a fast, effective, and less invasive approach to concrete leveling with PolyLevel®. The PolyLevel® system involves injecting an expanding polymer foam to lift the concrete for a durable, long-lasting solution. If you're interested in learning about what PolyLevel® can do for you, call us for a free inspection for our alternative to mudjacking in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond and nearby.

When is mudjacking NOT appropriate?

Mudjacking is effective for heavier concrete structures when used in conjunction with slab piers. It should not be considered as a standalone solution to lifting a footing or floor slab that has settled in your home.

In most cases, mudjacking alone will not be able to lift both a slab and the heavy partition walls that sit on top of it. In cases where mudjacking isn't effective, we often recommend installing slab piers instead.

If mudjacking does lift the concrete slab, it may be difficult to control where mudjacking lifts the walls, causing them to lift unevenly. As opposed to the Polylevel system, our Oklahoma city contractors use, we prefer this effective foam to lift concrete instead.

More importantly, this kind of concrete repair solution is temporary. Even with the voids filled, the soil below is likely to continue settling over time. Ultimately, you'd have to call your contractor to your home over and over again to repeat the mudjacking process -- or call someone who can use a different solution that can fix it once and for all!

Mudjacking is also not appropriate as a do-it-yourself repair. Mudjacking requires special equipment and professional experience. All work should be done through a trained, professional mudjacking contractor who has excellent knowledge of local soil conditions.

Vesta Foundation Solutions is Oklahoma City's trusted Polylevel and concrete repair contractor. Schedule an inspection in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond or nearby to learn more about why PolyLevel® is our top choice for repairing sunken driveways, sidewalks and more!