Spalling Concrete in Oklahoma City

What Is Spalling Concrete?

Concrete is tough stuff, which is why it is the most commonly used construction material on the planet—has been since the Romans—but it’s not indestructible. Besides cracks, Oklahoma City is susceptible to spalling concrete, the chipping, pitting, or flaking of the top layer of your slabs, which looks a bit like losing a chip of the ganache icing on a cake. As the chips get larger, more of the underlying concrete aggregate is exposed, and once the chipping begins, the degradation of the concrete is accelerated, especially on concrete slabs that support a lot of weight or where there is heavy foot or vehicle traffic.

Repairing Spalling Concrete in OKC

Concrete will spall for any number of reasons: a poor mix in the original pour, improper finishing techniques, a heavy impact, or simple wear and tear. Fortunately, timely repair of spalling concrete on your Oklahoma City property is inexpensive, and is comprehensive if done before too much damage has occurred—the damage has not gone too deep into the slab, and no severe cracks have compromised the stability of the slab. 

The longer the concrete goes unrepaired the greater the further damage. Being exposed, the inside aggregate layer becomes highly susceptible to severe cracking, and because concrete is porous, water will quickly begin to degrade the structural integrity of the entire slab. Caught in time, we can repair or patch the concrete slab at your Oklahoma City property with concrete resurfacing or overlay.

The Vesta Solution

Since 2006, Vesta Foundation Solutions has been a premier foundation and concrete repair company for Oklahoma City. And when it comes to eliminating the effects of spalling concrete, we offer long-term solutions like concrete resurfacing or overlays in Oklahoma City that will make the concrete of your home or business stronger than it was before. We use only high-quality materials, and in the concrete industry, our tradesmanship and dedication to service are second to none. 

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