Many homeowners in Oklahoma City have recently been asking about problems with their concrete surfaces.  They ask whether the symptoms justify removing and replacing the concrete or in fact, just needs to be resurfaced.  First, it is best to identify what type of problems you are having before engaging in any sort of repair. 

Pitting and flaking is the first type of defect most folks experience with their damaged concrete surfaces.  Pitting occurs when the surface of the concrete slowly becomes loosened by freezing and thawing of water absorbed in the top surface of the concrete. This can typically be prevented from progressing any farther using a penetrant like a Sealant pro.  Penetrants can absorb into the surface and prevent this from happening.  

What causes Concrete Surface Problems - Image 1


The second is settlement and cracking of the cement.  This occurs when the soil underneath sinks due to changing weather conditions.  Most commonly the sand under the concrete cannot support the concrete and slowly cracks and creates tripping hazards. Poly level is a simple solution that helps alleviate this problem.  Polylevel is an environmentally friendly and reliable way to lift your concrete back into position.  It prevents the underlying soil from shrinking during draughts and washing out during downpours. 

concrete surface before


When both occur, it can seem like there is nothing else to do but replace the concrete entirely.  Many Homeowners do not know about resurfacing procreated by Supportworks.  This is where the surface is stabilized and protected using Polylevel.  This stops any potential movement from ever occurring.  The cracks are then closed and treated.  The surface is cleaned, and Resurfacing Layers are sprayed on using specialty equipment.   Once the surface dries you can use your surfaces within the next 24 hours.

Concrete surface after


No matter what your problems may be, there are several ways we can fix your concrete by sealing, resurfacing concrete and lifting it back into position.  VESTA Foundation Solutions fixes approximately 20 homes a week with certified crews and helpful staff.  If you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us at or at 405-213-0492