Oklahoma Interior Slab Leveling

What causes uneven floors in a home?

During the home building process, concrete slabs might be poured over wet, weak, or poorly compacted soil, causing the slab to settle. This leads to uneven or cracking floors in the home. Often, the floor will pull away from walls and doorways and can cause hazardous walking surfaces in your home. What’s more, prospective buyers are hesitant to purchase a home with foundation issues, so when it comes time to sell your home, uneven floors and other foundation problems can make it difficult to sell.

How we repair sunken interior slabs with PolyLevel

You may have heard of mudjacking, self-leveling compounds, or pier installation. These are common solutions to sunken concrete slabs. Our years of experience have shown us that these methods are invasive and don’t get to the root of the problem.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, our technicians use PolyLevel, a high-density polyurethane formula, to raise sunken interior slabs. We will remove very small sections of the existing flooring in order to access the damaged concrete slab. Penny-sized holes are then bored into the slab, and we then inject polyurethane foam into the holes. The foam expands, which raises the slab; we continue to inject foam until the floor is level. This procedure allows the foam to reach 90% rigidity within 30 minutes, allowing us to restore the finished flooring over the injection holes.

Before example showing cracks in slab

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