Concrete Repair in Oklahoma City

There are a lot of issues that the concrete surfaces around your home can bring you. Cracks, flaking, pitting, and sinkage decrease your property's curb appeal, value, and safety.  At Vesta, we have solutions for every concrete problem. We offer affordable repair services so you can restore your concrete without a costly replacement.

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Oklahoma City Concrete Repair Services from Vesta 


Unlevel concrete is a common issue caused by sunken and shifting soil. Our Oklahoma City repair team can raise it back to its original position and give your home appeal and safety again. 


Avoid a costly and messy driveway replacement. Vesta has repair options to level out your cement and fix cracks.


When sidewalks become uneven, they pose a severe hazard. You could be responsible if someone was injured on your property. We can re-level it in one day and make it safe again.


Another common cement issue that creates a hazardous environment is around your pool deck. Uneven concrete is especially dangerous next to open water. Vesta can ensure your family's safety with a quick and easy repair.


If your cement is pitting, flaking, or fading, you need to seal it. Vesta uses SealantPro™ to protect your cement's surface and give it better durability over its lifetime.

Vesta Foundation technician repairing concrete
Oklahoma City Concrete Sealant & Protection | Concrete Floor Sealer


Cracks happen to every concrete surface over time. When this happens, it creates unevenness and can become dangerous.  Larger cracks can be a severe liability and may need to be repaired quickly before significant problems occur. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we want to help you save on costly replacements with our innovative repair solutions. We'll perform an inspection for free so that we can determine the best and most affordable fix for your home.

Trust Vesta for Concrete Repair

See if you can avoid a costly replacement with our repair solutions. Oklahoma City residents trust our experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions to help them save money and put value back into their homes.

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