Concrete Repair Contractor Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

Cracked concrete or concrete that has buckled, heaved, or crumbled around your home doesn’t have to be permanent and you don’t have to replace the entire slab in order to make your concrete look like new again. Vesta Foundation Solutions offers concrete services from concrete crack repair to leveling for both interior and exterior slabs. Don’t let your broken concrete lower the value of your home or become a trip hazard, call the experts today!

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we use the latest technologies to level concrete, fill cracks, and seal concrete permanently against water infiltration and staining. Contact us and we will schedule with you an onsite inspection to provide you with an estimate for your cost of concrete repair in Greater OKC and nearby areas.

Concrete Services from Vesta Foundation Solutions


We have the expertise and equipment to quickly raise and level many types of slab-on-grade concrete.


Has your concrete driveway started to break down? The weight of your vehicles will only exacerbate this issue over time unless you address it with professional concrete driveway repair by Vesta!


Don’t let a cracked and broken sidewalk become a liability, our concrete repair for sidewalks will get things leveled out and looking good as new.


A mixture of water and a hazardous, uneven pool deck can lead to accidents you don’t want to be responsible for. Don’t replace the whole deck, just call us to come expertly level your concrete pool deck


SealantPro™ permanently protects concrete with just one application and extends its life by 3-5 times.

Vesta Foundation technician repairing concrete
Vesta Foundation technician spraying concrete sealant


Concrete cracks—there’s just no way around it. Small, hairline cracks and plastic shrinkage are completely normal and will form as concrete cures and ages. However, large cracks due to heaving, expansion, settlement, or overloading the slab require extra TLC lest they become a bigger issue that requires slab replacement or a lawsuit. Vesta Foundation Solutions offers cracked concrete repair solutions for homeowners with cracked basement or garage slabs, driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, and more.

How much does concrete repair cost?

The cost of your concrete repair service will depend on how much work needs to be done and what method of repair you choose. If you’re looking for the best cost inspection, Vesta Foundation Solutions offers no-cost, no-obligation concrete repair quotes throughout Oklahoma.

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Ready to restore the beauty and safety of your concrete? Call Vesta Foundation Solutions today! We provide a variety of concrete services to Greater OKC and the surrounding areas.