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A wet basement causes a big headache for homeowners and will only get worse and more expensive over time if left untreated. Our Oklahoma City basement waterproofers are experts at protecting your basement from water damage with our variety of waterproofing products and solutions. Our representatives will provide a free evaluation of your basement as well as a recommendation for a solution to protect your basement from water damage. 

If you have water in your basement or want to learn more about our Oklahoma City basement waterproofing solutions, call us today at (405) 233-8533 or click below. We offer free inspections in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond, and many surrounding areas.

TripleSafe Sump Pump System fully installed

The Causes of a Wet Basement

There are many different causes of a wet basement, and it’s often difficult for homeowners to identify. Our Oklahoma City waterproofing experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions can help diagnose the underlying problem and find a solution to protect your basement from water damage. No matter what type of water problem your basement is facing, we provide custom solutions to fix your home and prevent further water intrusion. 

Here are the two most common causes of wet basements that we can address with our unique basement waterproofing system:

    Hydrostatic pressure

    Hydrostatic pressure is a very common occurrence that causes water problems in many homes throughout Oklahoma City. As the soil in the ground becomes saturated with water, it expands and puts massive amounts of pressure against your basement walls. The pressure can cause water to seep through any cracks in your basement walls or floor. 

    The Clay Bowl Effect

    When your home was built, the soil was excavated and placed back into the ground around your foundation. As it’s placed back into the ground, it is weaker than it was before excavation and not as tightly packed as the undisturbed soil outside the excavation area. This causes any water in the soil to saturate the excavated soil and put pressure on your foundation walls. 

    The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

    If your home has waterproofing issues, it can make it much harder to sell and can decrease the overall value of your home. Although it may seem like a daunting task up front, it will be well worth it in the long run. Whether you plan on staying in your home or selling it, waterproofing your basement is always a good idea to protect your home’s value and keep it safe for you and your family.  

    Why Choose Vesta for Your Waterproofing Needs? 

    1. Award-winning products: Vesta Foundation Solutions uses a complete line of patented products that have been keeping basements dry for years
    2. Quick installs: Our system installs quickly, with most projects completed in just one to two days
    3. Experienced team: A crew of experienced waterproofers will install your system quickly and professionally
    4. Cost-effective: Our Oklahoma City basement waterproofing system works with finished or unfinished basements and can work within your budget 
    5. Locally-owned and operated: Vesta Foundation Solutions is Oklahoma’s locally owned and operated basement waterproofing experts
    6. Free waterproofing quotes: We offer free waterproofing quotes to homeowners in Oklahoma City

    Get Waterproofing Solutions for Your Home

    Our experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions are ready to help you waterproof your home to create a safe and healthy space for your family to enjoy. No matter what kind of water damage problem your basement is facing, we can fix it! Keep your home protected from mold, mildew, and musty smells by relying on our team for Oklahoma City crack repairs, sump pumps, and waterproofing solutions. Contact us today for your free inspection in the Oklahoma City area.