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No homeowner wants to deal with a damp or wet basement, which is why Vesta Foundation Solutions provides the best basement waterproofing solutions available. Our expert waterproofing contractors know how to identify the cause of your wet basement, musty smells, and mold problems and can provide you with a high-quality waterproofing system that will eliminate your problems.

If you have water in your basement or want to learn more about our basement waterproofing solutions, call us today at (405) 233-8533 or click below. We offer free inspections in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond, and many surrounding areas.

TripleSafe Sump Pump System fully installed

How to waterproof a basement

To waterproof your basement, our team members will first help you determine what’s actually causing your basement water problems. After we discover the source of unwanted water and moisture, we’ll help you develop a system of basement waterproofing solutions to address each specific concern.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we offer waterproofing products and services that solve your home’s wet basement problems fast. We provide the following waterproofing solutions to homeowners throughout Oklahoma:

  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Water heater flood protection

Our system comes with a lifetime written warranty that's transferable to the next owner, so not only does our system restore value to your house, but it also gives homeowners and buyers confidence that their home is protected for years to come.

The causes of a wet basement

Unsure of how to detect water issues, or struggling to decide which basement waterproofing solution is right for you? Our knowledgeable contractors can walk you through possible causes of your wet basement and help you find the appropriate solution. Whether it’s a faulty water heater, poor exterior drainage systems, or foundation damage, we can customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

Here are the two most common causes of wet basements that we can address with our unique basement waterproofing system:

Hydrostatic pressure

As the soil around your foundation becomes soaked with moisture, it expands and puts pressure on your foundation. The water will then work its way through any opening available, including cracks and openings around pipes or windows.

The Clay Bowl Effect

Excavated soil that's replaced around a completed foundation isn't as dense and tightly packed as undisturbed soil farther away. As a result, water collects in the soil immediately surrounding the house, putting pressure on foundation walls and causing cracks.

Is basement waterproofing worth it?

A home with a wet basement can be much more difficult to sell. In fact, a wet basement is one of the most serious red flags that deters buyers. A leaky, flooded basement is often a sign of foundation damage or improper drainage, and just as new homeowners don’t want to deal with these issues—neither should you. Whether you’re putting your house on the market tomorrow or wishing to call it home for the next 20 years, you should consider interior and exterior basement waterproofing to maintain the value of your property and to protect your family and possessions from severe water damage.

Six great reasons to choose us for your waterproofing needs

  1. Quality products: Basement Systems® dealers use a complete line of patented, award-winning products that have been keeping basements throughout North America dry for over 25 years.
  2. Fast installations: Our system installs quickly, with most projects completed in just one to two days.
  3. Experienced crews: A crew of experienced contractors will arrive to install your system quickly and professionally. Each one is a waterproofing specialist who dries basements every day.
  4. Cost-effective system: Our waterproofing system can be customized to fit your budget, and it costs about half as much as an exterior waterproofing system. Our system works for both finished and unfinished basements.
  5. Locally-owned and operated company: Vesta Foundation Solutions is Oklahoma’s locally owned and operated member of the Basement Systems network. We have products and training that simply can't be beat!
  6. Free waterproofing quotes: We offer free waterproofing quotes to homeowners in our service area. Our quotes come in writing, and there's no obligation!

Get expert basement waterproofing services today

Our waterproofing contractors are experienced, well-trained professionals who work in basements and crawl spaces every day. The experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions have seen it all, and we know just what it takes to keep your basement dry all the time!

If your basement leaks or floods, or you have mold, mildew, or a musty smell, call us today to request a free basement waterproofing inspection in Oklahoma City and the surrounding Oklahoma area. We will send one of our certified basement waterproofing specialists to visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection of your home's basement foundation.