Sagging Floor Repair Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

Leveling Solutions for Uneven Floors

Floors that appear to be uneven or feel bouncy indicate a structural issue. Your crawl space could be sagging due to:

  • Supports have too much distance between them
  • Rotted joists, girders, or posts
  • Columns settling due to weak soil or inadequate footings

If your home has any of these concerns, it's essential to have them diagnosed by a trained specialist to determine the cause and the best solution. When uneven floors are not fixed correctly, it can become dangerous for your entire home. Structural issues with your crawl space will eventually get worse, causing walls to crack and doors and windows to fit improperly. 

Our expert team at Vesta Foundation Solutions specializes in the diagnosis and repair of sinking crawl spaces. We install proper crawl space supports to secure and stabilize the structure of your home. In addition, we install an encapsulation system to prevent damaging mold and rot. 

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Benefits of SmartJack® Systems

Quick installations any time of year: We can install SmartJack® during any season in one day. With this solution, we don't need to wait on curing concrete.

More substantial crawl space support: Our support system can hold vertical loads heavier than 60,000 pounds, which is far more powerful than traditional concrete repair.

Adaptable and easy installation: The SmartJack®'s compact size lets us install it in small, tight crawl space areas.

Lifting ability: Our system does more than just stop sagging from happening. The SmartJack® is adjustable, allowing it to raise the floor above back into its original position.

Why We Prefer SmartJack®

Vesta Foundation Solutions experts highly recommend installing the SmartJack® System to fix sagging crawl spaces and uneven floors. This powerful support system uses adaptable, heavy-duty jack posts made of high-quality steel. The posts install quickly in any home and provide the most reliable solution for security and stability.

We can install the SmartJack® system in tight spaces, usually in one day or less. The galvanized steel posts resist corrosion and support a weight of more than 60,000 lbs. The adjustable design of our crawl space jack system means that sagging floors can be stabilized and restored to their original position in most cases.

The SmartJack® is also the only solution that addresses weak soils that cause sagging crawl spaces. Each individual crawl space jack evenly distributes the weight of your home with the support of pre-cast concrete footing and base.

Smart jacks in crawlspace

The SmartJack® Installation Process

Installing your SmartJack® is a quick and easy process that doesn't disturb your residence or yard. The Vesta Foundation Solutions team will do the following during your installation:

  1. Prepping for installation: Our installation design technicians will determine the best strategy for your home's repair by charting the place and position for each support jack. They will create a 2' square, 2' deep cavity in the ground where each SmartJack® will go.
  2. Installing the base: A concrete footing base is placed on an engineered fill of compacted crushed stone and carefully leveled to stabilize the steel jack post. The fill underneath the footing provides stable support that won't move, or settle, even with saturated soil.
  3. Measuring and cutting the jack posts: Once we install new bases, we'll measure and cut the steel jack posts. SmartJack® posts are constructed with a triple-layer, in-line galvanized coating.
  4. Assembly: Next, we assemble the individual crawl space jack posts. We mount the top of the jack against the girder and test the installation. Each SmartJack® gets tightened to try to lift the floor back to its primary position, leveling floors, closing fissures in walls, and preventing future sagging. The jacks will continue to be adjustable for future tightening, should you need it.
  5. Encapsulation for weak soil:  The encapsulation process is imperative if your home has experienced mold and rot damage. It includes sealing all crawl space vents, installing an airtight door, and lining the walls and floors of the crawl space with a tough liner. It's also possible that we may need to incorporate additional drainage measures like installing interior drains and a sump pump. The encapsulation process prevents moisture-related damage and structural issues that happen when framing members decay and fail.

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