Repair Your Sagging Crawl Space with Support Posts

Repair Your Sagging Crawl Space with Support Posts

Crawl spaces are susceptible to structural problems based on the way they’re designed. They are responsible for supporting your home’s weight and need to be structurally intact to do so. Many different factors can lead to crawl space damage and impact its structural integrity. 

Our crawl space experts at Vesta of Oklahoma can install crawl space support posts to repair your sagging crawl space and restore its structural stability. If you notice your crawl space sagging, contact us for your free inspection! We service throughout Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and surrounding areas.

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The SmartJack® Crawl Space Support System

At Vesta, we use the SmartJack® system to support your sagging crawl space and lift the beams back into place. The system includes support posts made of galvanized steel, which provide complete durability and resist corrosion. Once installed, the SmartJack® will permanently halt your sagging crawl space, and our specialists will adjust the height to try and lift your sagging floors back to their original position. Our crew can adjust the posts over time as needed for additional support for the home.

Benefits of the SmartJack®:

Quick Installation – The SmartJack® can be installed any time of year, and most installations can be done in a day. 

Durability — Compared to other support posts on the market, the SmartJack® is exceptionally durable and can support loads over 60,000 lbs. 

Flexible Installation — No matter how big or small your crawl space is, the size of the SmartJack® posts is flexible and can be installed in tight spaces. 

Adjustable — If there is a need for additional tightening or lifting in the future, the SmartJack® can be adjusted for additional support. 

We offer free crawl space repair quotes!

Fix your failing crawl space once and for all! Contact our experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions for your free crawl space inspection. The SmartJack® is available for installation throughout Springdale, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Bentonville, and all nearby areas.