Retaining Wall Repair in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

Retaining Wall Repair in Oklahoma City

Retaining walls have a very important job yet are commonly overlooked by homeowners as something that needs to be maintained and kept in good working condition. Because they hold back tons of soil and water, the pressure behind retaining walls is enormous. If they fail, hillside erosion is eventually going to be a larger problem.

Symptoms & Causes of Retaining Wall Failure

It is imperative to understand the signs of retaining wall failure and have the proper repairs completed as soon as possible to protect your home and landscaping. These are the symptoms to look out for and why they typically cause retaining walls to fail.

  • Tilting Walls: Poor construction or soil conditions are typically the culprits for tilting retaining walls. When water accumulates behind the wall with nowhere to go, the additional weight causes expansion in the soil, leading to cracking and tilting. Tilting walls can also happen because of wood rot or deterioration.
  • Crumbling Walls: Crumbling can happen for numerous different reasons. Generally, it's probably due to poor design of the walls themselves. For example, concrete retaining walls may not have been mixed properly or may not be the right material to withstand the pressure of soil and water for years and years.
  • Wall Separation: If your retaining walls are separating, this is also a sign that the pressure is too much for them to withstand. Poor drainage is a common cause of this. The hydrostatic pressure that builds from pooling water in the soil causes the walls to fail, leading to separation and possible cracking.

Repair Solutions for Retaining Walls

To repair failing retaining walls, the experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions typically recommend either wall anchors or helical tiebacks to restore structural integrity. Both wall repair techniques use a strong steel wall bracket on the exterior of the retaining wall to brace the wall and properly distribute the anchor's clamping pressure.

Drawling of Collapsing Retaining Wall

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