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We understand that foundation problems are a problem to deal with. They can be messy, expensive inconveniences, so when it’s time to deal with a bad foundation, you need trusted experts you can turn to. 

The most important thing to know about foundation issues is this: the sooner you deal with them, the better you set yourself up for success. Although floor cracks, bowing walls, and other common symptoms of foundation damage might seem like small issues, they put your home’s safety, appearance, and value at risk. Because foundation issues only worsen as time goes on, the associated repairs will only get more expensive the longer you wait to address them.

At Vesta Foundation Solutions of Oklahoma, our goal is offering stress-free, affordable foundation repair services, so you can fix your home as soon as issues arise. We offer free foundation repair inspections, affordable financing options, and warrantied foundation repair products that are sure to stop the progression of your settlement. We’ll custom design a solution for your home using our patented repair products, and as one of a select few Supportworks dealers in Oklahoma, we have quality foundation repair solutions that aren’t available anywhere else.

Ready to fix your failing foundation? Call Vesta Foundation Solutions at (405) 233-8533 or click below to schedule an inspection with one of our foundation experts. We offer free inspections to residents in Greater OKC and the nearby areas.



We can help you restore the symptoms foundation damage can cause, including bowing and cracked walls, uneven floors, expanding soils, and more.


Our Oklahoma City wall anchors, crawl space supports and jacks, foundation piers, and other products provide permanent solutions for even the worst foundation settlement.


Is cost a concern? Our experts will walk you through the whole repair process, helping you understand everything your home needs and why, so you get the right services at the price.


As an authorized Supportworks dealer in Oklahoma, we provide products and services you can’t get anywhere else.

Signs of Foundation Problems

We know that the longer foundation problems are allowed to go unrepaired, the more damage is caused and the more it will cost to fix it. With that said, there are a few signs of foundation damage that you can keep an eye out for that can help you be proactive in resolving foundation issues. As soon as you see a sign of damage, call the Oklahoma City foundation repair service contractors at Vesta Foundation Solutions for a free inspection. 

Some common signs of foundation damage include: 

  • Cracks in basement floor
  • Cracks in basement wall
  • Vertical foundation cracks
  • Horizontal foundation cracks
  • Foundation leaks
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Foundation upheaval
  • Sinking or uneven floors above crawl space

Foundation Repair Solutions from Vesta

Our Oklahoma City foundation repair service provides a variety of products and solutions to ensure we find a permanent solution for your foundation. Our foundation repair methods include: 

Get a free foundation repair inspection and estimate from the local experts

Every foundation problem is different, meaning no two repairs will be the same. That’s why we offer FREE foundation repair inspections on all projects. Our experts will start with a careful inspection of your foundation to identify your specific issues. Then, they’ll develop a plan of action that’s specifically tailored to your home’s needs. We offer a wide range of solutions for bowing walls, settling foundation, cracking floors and walls, and a multitude of additional problems.

All the foundation repair products we install are manufactured by Supportworks, Inc. Each one is carefully designed and thoroughly tested by a team of structural and geotechnical engineers for the best in safety and efficacy. Plus, all of our systems come with a written warranty to give you added peace of mind! Contact us today to request an estimate.

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You don't have to live with a settling foundation and all the issues they cause. Vesta Foundation Solutions can provide quality Oklahoma City foundation repair services that restore the integrity of your home and keep your family safe. Contact us today to request a free foundation repair inspection in Greater OKC or the nearby areas.

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