Concrete Pool Deck Leveling in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and Surrounding Areas

Quickly repair uneven concrete around your pool with PolyLevel®

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your pool due to concrete around it settling? Are you concerned about the hazard it creates to have an uneven surface surrounding your pool?

The Vesta Foundation Solutions Team is known as the expert in home foundation repair. Be-cause of our expertise, we can improve your pool deck and keep your friends and family safe this summer. With our innovative PolyLevel concrete lifting and leveling technique, we are a fast-er and more affordable option compared to pool deck replacement.

Contact us for your free pool deck inspection today! Our concrete pool deck leveling and repair services are available in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and neighboring areas throughout Oklahoma.

Causes of a sinking concrete pool deck

The pool construction process causes most pool decks to be prone to settling. Soil that is added during construction is not as compacted as the existing soil. The weight of a heavy concrete slab being poured around the pool can cause the new soil to flatten, which leads to sections of the concrete sinking.

Concrete pool deck restoration with PolyLevel®

Other concrete pool deck repair contractors near Oklahoma City use outdated repair methods for settled concrete. The heavy equipment they use to demolish the damaged concrete around your pool and pour new concrete can destroy your yard, and keep your pool closed until the new concrete sets. Vesta’s method of concrete leveling won’t disrupt your landscaping, and saves you time and money.

PolyLevel foam is injected beneath your settled pool deck. It raises the concrete so it is level, and strengthens the soil, so you won’t have to worry about an uneven pool deck again.

How PolyLevel® works to repair your settled pool deck

PolyLevel is a two-part polyurethane foam that our technicians use to raise sunken concrete. It is a high-density and expanding foam that is injected into small holes we drill into the settled concrete. Our concrete pool deck leveling team in Oklahoma City is trained to manage the injection process assuring that the precise amount of foam is used to re-level your pool deck. The voids in loose soil will be filled by the poly level foam due to its ability to expand, which will improve your soil’s stability and weight-bearing capacity. Giving you the confidence that your pool deck will remain stable.

Cracked pool deck before repaired
Pool deck repaired by Vest Foundation Solutions

Get a quote to eliminate swimming pool trip hazards today

Concerned that your uneven pool deck may be a tripping hazard? Vesta Foundation Solutions has raised and restored the pool decks of hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Oklahoma. Contact us today for more information about our concrete pool deck repair services and your free inspection!