Concrete Floor Cracks Repair Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond

Causes & repair solutions for cracked, sinking concrete floors

Do you have a concrete slab floor that is showing signs of sinking, sagging, or settling? Are the walls separating from the floor below or ceiling above?

If you have a problem like this in your home, you could have a sinking or settling concrete floor slab. This problem can lead to cracks in floors and walls, uneven surfaces, and a weakened foundation.

Luckily, the foundation repair experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions can help you solve this problem permanently! We provide a complete foundation repair solutions in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and nearby areas in Oklahoma City. Call us at (405) 233-8533 today to get a free inspection.

Signs of slab settlement

When a floor slab settles, the damage can manifest itself in many ways. Along with cracks in the concrete, the floors can separate from the walls as they sink downwards. Alternatively, the interior wall may be pulled down with the floor, causing it to separate from the ceiling. Walls can also pull away from other walls and interior wall cracks can form, commonly off the corners of interior doors.

What causes a concrete floor slab to settle?

When a concrete floor settles, it can mean serious damage to your home. The causes of floor slab settlement are almost always due to the soils underneath being unable to support the weight of the concrete. They often accompany other foundation problems in your home.

The three most common causes of settling concrete floor slabs are as follows:

  • Drying/shrinking of soils under the slab
  • Washout of soil underneath the slab
  • Poor compaction of foundation fill soils
Cracked concrete

Ways to repair floor cracks

Supportworks dealers have many tools at their disposal to reverse concrete slab settlement and restore the good condition of concrete floors. Here are the many ways Vesta Foundation Solutions might choose to resolve your floor crack:

  • PolyLevel®: PolyLevel's primary purpose is to lift concrete slabs in a long-lasting, minimally disruptive method, and it is extremely effective at getting rid of cracks in the floor. PolyLevel is the most popular choice for this type of problem.
  • Push piers: Push piers reach greater depths than any other type of solution, which can sometimes come in handy for restoring concrete slabs and getting rid of cracks in the process.
  • Helical piers: Helical piers are suitable for both light and heavy loads, which can make them appropriate for concrete slab settlement and floor crack repair.
  • Slab piers: Occasionally, it might be prudent to use concrete slab piers and brackets to transfer the weight of the slab to load-bearing soil and lift and level the concrete.

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