Foundation Floor Repair Near Oklahoma City

Cracked or uneven basement floors aren’t something to be ignored. While small hairline cracks that stay the same size don’t usually pose a problem, growing or leaking cracks indicate structural failure. This means something is compromising the stability of your foundation.

Are you concerned about a crack in your basement floor? Schedule a free in-home inspection with one of our repair experts. We’ll take a look and determine whether it’s worth worrying about or not. If we find that the cracks are due to foundation problems, we’ll help you decide on an appropriate solution.

Causes of Cracked Concrete Floors

Normal cracks in cement happen during the curing process; these sometimes appear as shrinkage occurs while fresh cement dries. Shrinkage cracks are small and don’t ever change in shape or size. Cracks that you should worry about are ones that change, known as “active cracks,” or appear unlevel.

Slab Settlement

A settling foundation slab happens when the soil beneath your home isn’t providing adequate support. Foundations are built in a hole that gets dug up. When soil is replaced, or backfilled, it’s no longer as compact as it used to be. Pockets of air and loose soil develop over time, which causes settling.

Foundation Heave

Heaving also causes cracks, but for a different reason. If your home was built on a soil type that contains more silt, peat, or clay, the ground is more susceptible to extreme shrinking and expanding cycles. This is especially true when the seasons change from dry, hot weather to torrential rains. Eventually, areas of the foundation slab will move upwards from the pressure and crack.

Cracked concrete

Get a Free Foundation Inspection

If you have cracks in your foundation slab that change in size, look uneven, or let water in, it’s time to consult a professional. We know it’s hard to pinpoint the problem on your own, so we offer free inspections to residents in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond areas.

Contact us to schedule your free inspection today so we can help you decide if your home needs foundation repair.