Storm season has officially arrived in Oklahoma, bringing in heavy and continuous rainfall. With the rain comes the much dreaded wet and leaking basement. Even with the best construction your home is susceptible to these occurrences, especially over time as the soil around your home has settled and your old footing drain has clogged.

Many homeowners might never know they have a problem until it is too late, and by to late we mean the perfect time to invest in a dry basement system. Protecting and preventing water from damaging one of your biggest investments, your home. When you protect your home, you protect your family. Not only is the water making everything a wet mess it is creating a breeding ground for mold. Not just in your basement, throughout your whole home. Even though you might not be aware, you are breathing in air from your basement, warm air rises and creates an upward airflow. So not only are you seeing the effect of the water, it is also affecting the health of your family.

Thankfully there are many solutions to the problem. We have many different products that we can put in place to keep your home 100% dry 100% of the time. We also offer different finishes so that your once wet basement can now be used for anything that you desire.