Concrete Leveling in Oklahoma City 

Level Your Concrete with PolyLevel

Uneven concrete is not only unsightly, but it also creates dangerous tripping hazards. Many homeowners experience uneven concrete on their sidewalks, driveways, patios, or pool decks. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, our Oklahoma City concrete leveling and lifting experts can level your concrete for a safe and even surface. 

Our team uses the revolutionary PolyLevel® concrete leveling system. It is a polyurethane foam injected into the soil beneath the sunken slab and lifts it back into place. Traditional methods like mudjacking are not as effective as PolyLevel® since it uses a mud and slurry mix that will eventually wash out again over time. PolyLevel® is an entirely waterproof, permanent solution. 

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How Concrete Leveling Works

The main reason for sinking concrete is the soil underneath the slab. Changing weather conditions causes the soil to shift and lose its strength. During heavy rains, the soil becomes saturated and expands. Dry weather then causes the soils to shrink and contract. This constant expansion and contraction create voids in the soil and helps make it less supportive of the concrete's weight and cause it to sink. 

PolyLevel® is an effective solution for concrete leveling because it addresses the problem soils to prevent the concrete from ever sinking again. Mudjacking does not address the problem soils and can eventually wash out again in the future, so we use PolyLevel® for a completely waterproof, permanent solution.

 Polylevel® Steps

  1. Installing small holes drilled into the sunken slab and injection ports 
  2. Injecting polyurethane foam beneath the concrete 
  3. Filling voids to help raise the soil and the slab. 
  4. Seal drilled holes and control joints. 
Vesta Foundations technician performing PolyLevel Injections on sidewalk
Vesta Foundation technician using PolyLevel Injection to repair concrete

Where PolyLevel® Can be Used

No matter where you're having concrete issues, PolyLevel® can raise sunken concrete in many different areas around your home. 

Example of cracked driveway outside garage door

Cracked Driveway Repair

Many homeowners think that an uneven or cracked driveway has to be replaced when it can be lifted and repaired with PolyLevel®. Our Oklahoma City driveway repair can help increase your home's value, improve your family's safety, and improve your home's curb appeal. 

Sunken sidewalk example

Sidewalk Leveling

Sidewalks are common for uneven concrete and leave many people at risk for a dangerous tripping hazard. If someone were to trip on your sidewalk and get hurt, you're likely to be responsible. PolyLevel® is a quick and affordable way to level the sidewalk to make it safe again. 

Example of cracked porch steps leading up to the front door of a residential home

Leveling Patios & Porches

Many families enjoy spending a lot of time on their patios and porches, so it's important to make sure it's safe and even for everyone. Our Oklahoma City concrete leveling will also help your patio furniture stay level and avoid tipping. PolyLevel® can easily raise sunken slabs on your porch or patio.

Example of uneven concrete on pool deck

Pool Deck Repair

Pool decks are common for uneven concrete, which is especially dangerous for uneven surfaces near a pool. Quickly raise the slab and make your pool deck safe again with PolyLevel®. 

Concrete Floor & Slab Foundation Leveling

Many homes experience different concrete settlement symptoms, including uneven floors, floor cracks, or sticking doors and windows. These issues can be fixed with PolyLevel® to repair any concrete settlement in your home.

Why PolyLevel® is the Best Option 

Traditional concrete leveling methods like mud jacking or slab replacement do not offer the same benefits as PolyLevel®. PolyLevel® is an affordable, waterproof, permanent solution for concrete leveling, unlike the alternative options. 


PolyLevelFoam Injection

Mudjacking or Slabjacking

Cure Time15 minutes24 hours or more
Material Weight2 lbs per cubic foot100 lbs per cubic foot
Hole Size5/8" (size of a penny)1" (size of a quarter)

Concrete Replacement

Replacing all damaged concrete is not needed. It's expensive, takes much longer to install, and requires a lot of messy demolition. Installing PolyLevel® is a non-invasive, affordable option that can be done in as little as a few hours. 

Rely on Vesta Foundation Solutions for Concrete Leveling

Restore your home's value with safe, even concrete surfaces around your home. Concrete settlement can worsen over time, so it's best to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. Contact us today to schedule your free Oklahoma City concrete leveling inspection!