Concrete Floor Cracks Repair Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

We stabilize and level damaged floors

Many homeowners face unexpected signs of foundation problems, such as cracked, unlevel, or sagging floors. Cracking and uneven floors in a home can cause dangerous tripping hazards, look unsightly, and lower the property value. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we offer free foundation inspections for any Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond floor problems. We’re able to then identify the cause of the floor damage and perform quality repair service that will stabilize and level damaged floors, fixing anything that is uneven or cracking.

Depending on the soil conditions in your area, foundations can sink and settle over time, which causes the concrete to crack. Movement in your home’s foundation can be caused by shrinking soil, soil washout, or poor compaction of backfill soil, leading to dangerous cracks in your basement floor or concrete slab. Vesta Foundation Solutions addresses these problems through the installation of foundation pier systems that will provide support for your home’s concrete slab, thereby raising and leveling your floors. Our expert team of technicians then repairs any cracks in order to restore the floor to its original condition.

It’s also possible that your home has an uneven floor, even without you knowing it. If you notice separations between the floor and the wall, doors that may be difficult to open or close, or portions of the floor feeling bouncy or unsupported in a sense, your home may have foundation problems. Oftentimes, this is caused by foundation heave, settling concrete, or failing crawl space joists, in which case we can install crawl space support jacks to provide additional support and raise and level the floor. Crawl space support jacks are adjustable so that any potential issues down the road can be addressed and resolved quickly.

If you’ve noticed unlevel, cracked, or sagging floors in your home, reach out to our experts today for a free inspection and customized solution to your home’s foundation problems.