Sticking Windows & Door Repair Near Oklahoma City

Underlying Reasons for Sticking Doors & Windows

Windows and doors that stick, jam, and don’t close or lock properly are signs that your Oklahoma City home's foundation is failing. Foundation problems can also present themselves as uneven floors and cracks around the top corners of frames. Far beyond just an inconvenience, these issues indicate a serious problem that could eventually become hazardous and cause severe damage to your home. If you notice any of these signs your foundation is failing in your Oklahoma City home, it’s crucial that you call a professional as soon as possible.

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Your foundation is settling.

When the soil around your home starts to change and shift over time, your foundation does the same. Uneven settlement causes sections of the foundation to crack, while some areas remain in their original positions. When this happens, the wood framing that supports your home bends and twists, leading to skewed openings for doors and windows. It also causes your floors to become uneven and dip.

Image showing sever foundation issues

How we fix it.

Our experienced professionals at Vesta Foundation Solutions can correct a settling foundation by installing piers in the right spots. These extend to whatever height is needed to raise the settled sections back where they’re supposed to be. Once raised back to its original position, the foundation will give your home proper support again. Your doors and windows will regain functionality, and any cracks will close.

Image showing sever foundation issues

Your crawl space supports are sinking.

Crawl space issues are very common. Many homes have poorly designed crawl spaces with insufficient column support. When floor joists and girders rot or soil around the supports weaken, the columns begin to sink. When this happens, your floors will also sink, pulling interior walls down with them and causing cracks, warped walls, and jammed doors.

Example of sagging crawl space before repair

How we fix it.

Crawl space support jacks are the best way to fix sinking columns. To install the jacks, our team first excavates a hole for each new support and fills them with a specially engineered material. Then, a concrete base is placed on top of the fill, and the jack is mounted. Once the support jacks are in place and your home is level, your sinking problem and all related issues are corrected.

Drawing of Sagging crawl space repair
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