Concrete Services

Many homeowners and business owners believe that they have to live with sunken or cracked concrete because it may not seem accessible to repair it. The experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions in Oklahoma City are here to show you that you can get pristine, functional concrete again without having to completely tear out and replace the existing concrete slabs.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair comes in many forms depending upon the needs of the concrete in question. The goal is to avoid having to do a complete concrete replacement, which can wreak havoc on your landscaping and takes a lot of time to finish curing to where you can use it again. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we use the most advanced available technology and techniques for concrete repair so you can get back to using it safely. Whether you need concrete leveled or sealed, we have the solutions for you.

Concrete Leveling

If you want level concrete in as little as 15 minutes, we have the solution for you. PolyLevel® concrete leveling is one of our most popular concrete services. This non-invasive technique outperforms traditional mudjacking in just about every aspect of concrete leveling. Whatever purpose your sunken concrete serves - whether it’s your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or garage floor - our PolyLevel® concrete leveling can fix it like new.

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