Repair Your Sunken Concrete Sidewalk with Sidewalk Leveling Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

A cracked or uneven sidewalk is as dangerous as it is unsightly, as a severe injury can stem from a fall. Vesta Foundation Solutions can repair your damaged concrete sidewalk without the need to tear it completely out and replace it. Our concrete lifting and leveling services can return your walkways to their proper level position, repair unsightly cracks, and prevent them from further sinking. Within 15 minutes, PolyLevel® concrete sidewalk leveling and lifting can make your sidewalk safe again!

Why concrete walkways sink and crack

A sidewalk is used daily and outside among the elements, which causes wear and tear over time. The integrity of the concrete is contingent on the supporting soil underneath it. So, with erosion or sinking of the soil, the concrete is no longer supported and will sink and crack. Voids can form beneath the slab from stagnant rainwater, gutter runoff, tree root intrusion, or improperly compacted fill dirt. 

Level showing severity of uneven concrete
Sidewalk after concrete repair example image

Restoring the walkway with concrete leveling

As a homeowner or business owner, you may be required to maintain the sidewalks adjoining your property. If an injury were to occur because of unlevel, cracked sidewalks on or near your property, you or your business might be held liable. It is essential to know your city’s sidewalk regulations.

PolyLevel is a high-quality solution for concrete sidewalk repair that our Oklahoma City team uses because it is surprisingly affordable! PolyLevel will save your landscape, too. PolyLevel injection lifting curing time is swift, so your sidewalks will be ready for use almost immediately. Call Vesta Foundation Solutions today to speak with our Oklahoma City concrete sidewalk repair specialists. One of our highly qualified specialists will come out, assess the damage, and give you a free quote. The method needed to lift your cracked or sunken concrete will be catered to your specific need. Call and get your free quote today!

Get a free foundation repair inspection.

It’s best to trust an Oklahoma foundation expert that knows how to deal with the specific foundation types that are found in the Oklahoma City area. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, our team knows exactly what to look for. We offer free foundation inspections so we can identify the cause of failure, and determine the right solution for your foundation type before you commit to any repairs.