Protect Your Crawl Space with a Moisture Barrier

By having a fully encapsulated crawl space, mold, wood rot, critters getting in will not occur

Installing a moisture barrier in your crawl space will protect it from water damage. Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture problems based on the way they’re designed, and a moisture barrier can help you completely avoid all water problems. It is a durable, thick material that lines the floors and walls of your crawl space to prevent water intrusion completely. 

At Vesta Foundation Solutions of Oklahoma, we install the Vesta moisture barrier system. It is made of a 20-mil poly-reinforced crawl space liner that includes the UltraFresh additive to help prevent mold growth. 

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Benefits of a Moisture Barrier

The Vesta moisture barrier completely protects your crawl space from problems caused by water damage, such as mold growth, pest infestation, and wood rot. The moisture barrier installs in less than a day to give it immediate protection. Proactively installing a moisture barrier in your crawl space will help avoid bigger, more expensive issues in the future. 

Another benefit of the barrier is blocking out the musty odors. The stack effect is a phenomenon that allows the air in your crawl space to seep up into your main living areas. The moisture barrier prevents this from happening to avoid musty odors from infiltrating your home. It also helps with temperature control in both your crawl space and your home. 

Sealing Your Crawl Space

  • Prevents mold & rot
  • Helps with energy costs & temperature control 
  • Prevents pest infestation 
  • Passively mitigates radon
  • Prevents musty odors
  • Adds storage space

Before and After Installing Moisture Barrier

  • Moisture that enters the crawl space through vents and soil can ruin insulation and also encourage mold growth and wood rot.
  • Covering the crawl space floor and walls with a heavy-duty moisture barrier eliminates moisture problems, makes the living space more comfortable and cuts heating and cooling costs.

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