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Vesta Foundation Solutions can repair your foundation to protect it from further damage if you notice signs of foundation damage at your home, such as cracks or bowing walls. If left untreated, your foundation will only get worse and jeopardize your family’s safety in your home. Our foundation experts know how to diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution for your home to restore its stability and value. 

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CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System

If you are dealing with bowing or buckling walls, the CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System can help stabilize your walls and potentially straighten them back to their original position. The system is made up of carbon fiber straps that are reinforced to the wall to provide permanent support and prevent your walls from bowing any further. Carbon fiber is 10x more potent than steel, and the straps are bonded to the wall using industrial-strength epoxy resin for a permanent seal. You can rely on the CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System to restore your home’s structural stability. 

PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System

The design of the PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System provides stability to failing foundation walls and possibly even straighten them back to their original position. Bowing or buckling walls can be a sign of foundation damage, and installing the PowerBrace™ system can help restore your foundation and protect it from further damage. It includes steel I-beams that are attached to the wall with steel brackets. The beams can be adjusted over time if additional straightening is needed. 

GeoLock® Wall Anchor System

The GeoLock® Wall Anchor System helps support failing foundation walls by stabilizing them and preventing them from any further buckling or bowing. Galvanized steel rods are installed by drilling deep into the soil behind your failing wall and are attached to anchor plates on the other side of the wall. The rods can be adjusted to give your walls permanent stability and further straightening overtime if needed. The anchors are minimally disruptive when installed and hidden with Hide-A-Way® wall covers for a clean and finished look.

GeoLock® Street Creep Repair System

Your home’s foundation could be damaged by street creep, which happens when the pavement gets too hot, expands, and pushes against your foundation. Street creep can cause foundation cracks and bowing walls,which will only worsen unless a repair solution is installed. The GeoLock® Street Creep System helps straighten walls and prevent further damage caused by street creep. First, we create expansion joints to prevent slabs from damaging each other. Then we install rods with a polyurethane sealant into the joints. The GeoLock® Wall Anchors are then installed to hold the walls in position and prevent any further movement. 

GeoLock® Channel Anchor System

If you notice your walls starting to bow or buckle, you could have a foundation problem causing them to become unstable. The GeoLock® Channel Anchor System stabilizes your failing foundation walls with galvanized steel anchors that will protect your home’s structural stability. To install the system, we drill holes deep into the soil and your foundation walls and install steel rods that connect the anchor into the ground for permanent stability. They can be adjusted and tightened over time to provide more stability to your walls. 

WallDefense™ Wall Brackets & Straps

The WallDefense™ Wall Brackets & Straps stabilize failing foundation walls by attaching to the top of the wall and the floor joists. They prevent inward movement of walls with their carbon fiber reinforced polymer straps that permanently stabilize walls to secure your home’s structure. 

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