Airtight Crawl Space Vent Covers Near Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond

Seal vents and install a liner to preserve and improve your crawl space

Vents in crawl spaces are proven time and again to not work. Most times, it is found outside air does more harm than good when the air is humid, damp, or freezing cold. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we recommend sealing off your crawl space vents to save the integrity of your crawl space. In turn, it will keep all the moisture, pests, winter cold, and summer heat away. We provide free inspections and estimates for crawl space sealing solutions. Our vent installation service coverage area includes Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, and the surrounding areas. 

Crawl Space Vent Covers

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Installing vent covers

Our Crawl Space Vent Covers are airtight by attaching mechanically to form a bond; the install service is quick, too for our customers near Oklahoma City. We send out two vent cover experts to install your vent cover system, and installation takes less than one day, typically.

Crawl space vents and your home

To securely protect your home from the harsh elements, annoying pests, and rodents, the ground-level openings of your home need to be sealed airtight. Our crawl space vent covers are the perfect solution for your Oklahoma City home!

Additionally, your utilities are working overtime if any of your utility appliances are located in your crawl space. This includes your furnace, water heater, hot water pipes, or air ducts. It is guaranteed that a portion of that air will move upward into your home, making for a cold, drafty first floor.

It’s time to think about what kind of air you are using to dry your crawl space. Please note if it is rainy or damp outside, then rest assured the vents are using damp air, which can lead to mold and present a dangerous situation for your family. If it is humid outside, then humidity will be pulled into your crawl space area. Give our Oklahoma City crawl space vent cover installation experts a call today so we can provide you with our free professional inspection today!

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The best answer for crawl space repair is a vapor barrier system. Call or e-mail Vesta Foundation Solutions for a free crawl space service quote! Vesta Foundation Solutions services Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Edmond, and many nearby areas in Oklahoma.