Vesta Foundation Solutions Oklahoma City Answers Concrete Leveling FAQ

As a homeowner, you may have questions regarding how to restore cracked or damaged concrete slabs. Vesta Foundation Solutions can lift and level your concrete using PolyLevel, which permanently lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs using a high-density polyurethane formula. Here, our concrete leveling contractors at Oklahoma City have provided a break down many of the questions homeowners have regarding this method and provide you with information to make an informed decision on having your damaged concrete restored.

Is PolyLevel expensive?

Unlike mudjacking and slab replacement, our PolyLevel service is cost-effective for the simple fact that it is a long-lasting solution. PolyLevel will not wash out or dry out like mudjacking.

How soon can I use my driveway/patio/pool deck/sidewalk?

Our PolyLevel cures very quickly. For example, once a driveway slab has been lifted with PolyLevel, you’ll be able to drive your car over it in about 15 minutes!

Is PolyLevel environmentally friendly?

Yes! An environmentally friendly and waterproof material is used to make PolyLevel. The result is a product that will not leach harmful chemicals into the soil, and it won’t degrade over time. The lightweight formula adds virtually no weight to the soil while it lifts and supports heavy loads.

Can I get PolyLevel from another contractor?

No. This proprietary product, developed by Supportworks and available exclusively to Vesta Foundation Solutions and other concrete repair contractors in the Supportworks network.

I want to lift and level my concrete. What's the next step?

Our concrete leveling contractors in Oklahoma City will visit your property and inspect your concrete, then sit down with you to explain the cause of the damage and how we can fix it. We’ll provide you with a free quote, allowing you to make an informed decision on the necessary repairs.

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