PolyLevel can be a simple and easy fix, but it can also have several advantages to it and repair one's concrete. PolyLevel can:


  • Improve home appearance
  • Restore property value
  • Better for previously damaged soil
  • Little interruptions
  • Waterproof and super long-lasting
  • High capacity lifting strength
  • Environmentally Friendly


PolyLevel can provide several advantages not only to the soil but also to the home itself. PolyLevel can be long lasting, lightweight, and have no detection in the concrete when it is installed.

PolyLevel can improve a home's appearance by lifting and evening the slab with fewer and smaller holes in the concrete. Also, there are no "patchwork" results from discoloration in concrete. By improving the home's appearance, it can help restore the property value of your home. Having an attractive driveway, garage floors, pool decks, and other surfaces can hold value in your home. PolyLevel can be helpful on problem soil. The lightweight material does not add additional problems to your soil. It does not cause the house to repeat itself by sinking once again.

Installing PolyLevel can be installed and cured very quickly with minimal disturbance to you and your family. It also doesn't interrupt further plans in your day. For example, if you had to use your driveway to leave your house, all we ask is to wait for it to dry in 15 mins and you can be on your way!

Polylevel is waterproof and long-lasting. PolyLevel happens not to deteriorate underground. PolyLevel will not wash out from under the slab when there is water build-up. It has been proven to last longer than more concrete supports.

PolyLevel's typical lifting range can be between 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. per square foot. It can lift cumbersome structures.