Have you ever been curious about how your crawl space affects your house? Well,  we have some answers for you.

A crawl space can have several benefits to them such as:

  • Control Mold & Rot
  • Save Money On Utilities
  • Keep Away Pest/Insects
  • Passively Mitigates Radon
  • Seal Away Odors
  • Increase Comfort — No Drafty Floors
  • Increase Home Value
  • Add Storage Space

The airflow throughout the home goes from the lowest part of the house to the upper level of the house. If a home has a crawl space below the home, one would essentially be breathing in whatever is filtered from that space.  If the crawlspace displays mold and has an odor then one and their family is breathing in those toxins.


A crawl space is a good use of extra space and can help save money on utilities if they are taken care of properly. If you question if your crawl space is up to par give Vesta a call today for a FREE inspection. During our inspection, we can see if there are any issues that lie underneath your home that could be concerning.