Whether you've just noticed a crack in your wall for the first time, or you've slowly seen it grow from an inch to several, there are a few things that hold about foundation repair. Foundation issues don't get better with time, but many people wait an average of five years before calling on a specialist to look at the problem.

Here are three reasons why waiting to get your foundation fixed is a bad idea.


1.The problem will get more expensive. When someone notices a foundation issue, it's usually something that started small and grew over time. This could be a crack in a poured concrete basement wall, or perhaps you're noticing a gap between the floorboards and the wall.

As the problem continues, it will take more effort and resources to bring the foundation back to its most stable condition. The more a foundation falls into disrepair, the more other issues around the home will crop up. These include sticking doors and windows or even problems with the roof.


2. The issue may become a significant safety concern.

Next, a home's foundation's safety and stability can be compromised, the longer a homeowner waits to repair it. Bowing walls are a sign the foundation could cave in – and they often do.

Additionally, foundation issues can affect the floors on the basement, slab, or crawlspace levels. The flooring could become uneven or bouncy, making it less safe.


3. Your property value may decrease.

A new homeowner would assume any responsibility for the home's foundation. If a foundation issue was flagged during the home inspection, it could indicate a significant expense soon.

The good news is a repaired foundation is not a red flag for a potential buyer. There are even instances where a repaired foundation is more stable and more robust than the original construction.



In conclusion, homeowners balance a lot of different decisions and priorities when it comes to their homes. This can lead to inaction when they notice a concerning crack in a poured wall, bouncing floors that make it easy to lose balance, or floors separating from the wall.

However, fixing a foundation should remain top-of-mind. While the price and inconvenience of a home project might be uncomfortable in the short term, it will restore property value, ensure a safe living space, and – ultimately – result in peace of mind for the homeowner.