Oklahoma is known for flooding and sporadic weather. As April comes to an end you might be dealing with unwanted water in places like your storm Shelter. Even the smallest leak could lead to a big problem for you and your home. 

As the rainwater flows into the loose soil around your Shelter it begins to search for areas of weakness to seep into. Some storm shelters might have once been equipt with underground drain systems. But as time passes the systems that once worked will begin to fail, leaving your home without guard from flowing water. Even if you do not seem to notice a problem at first, the water is there seeping into any pathway it can find. Once it has found a pathway there is no limit to the damage that could possibly be done to you underground space. 

In the case of a storm shelter, the last thing you want to find is a flooded space when you are trying to protect your family from harsh weather. 

There are many solutions to solve the problem of unwanted water. Each situation is different so they must have a customized plan to keep the home dry. After a home has been inspected and has a customized solution, the Vesta team will install the proper system to ensure the best results. 

Our team recently installed a system into this Storm Shelter to make sure that the family never has to worry about unwanted water again. The water was redirected to avoid any further damage and the family will always be able to rely on their shelter to keep them dry and safe in the case of any wild Oklahoma weather.