When a Duncan, OK, homeowner discovered the floor in their kitchen sloping, causing concern for their family's safety after their son took a tumble near the fridge, they knew it was time to call in the experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions. 


Understanding the urgency of ensuring their home was safe and sound, they reached out to our customer-oriented team, initiating the first step towards a lasting solution to their problem. Upon the homeowner's request, we dispatched one of our highly skilled System Design Specialists to inspect their home's crawl space comprehensively. Here, the root cause of the sloping floors was identified: weakened supports unable to sustain the weight and demands of family life. 


Our recommendation for a steadfast remedy? The installation of SmartJacks - a reliable and effective solution tailored to address and rectify the structural insufficiencies inherently causing their frustrations. Following the homeowner's decision to proceed, our skilled production team took the reins. They skillfully navigated the crawl space area, thoughtfully installing SmartJacks to provide the necessary lift and stabilization the home's foundation desperately needed. 


Our team kept the workspace tidy throughout the process, ensuring minimal disruption to the family's daily activities. The outcome? It was a remarkable transformation. Post-installation, the kitchen floor regained its level footing, relieving the homeowners of their safety concerns. There are no more tripping hazards near the fridge—an uplifting result indeed and a testament to the effectiveness of Smart Jacks. 


Proudly standing by our mission, we at Vesta Foundation Solutions delivered a reliable and long-lasting foundation repair and upheld our promise of a remarkable customer experience throughout.