A family in Bethany, OK, recently faced a hazardous situation with a sunken sidewalk on their property. With school starting soon, they were worried about their children and other kids tripping over the uneven concrete. Fortunately, Vesta Foundation Solutions had the perfect solution with our Concrete Lift and Level Services in Bethany, OK.

The Problem

As the start of the school year approached, the uneven section of the sidewalk became a significant concern. The parents didn't want their children or classmates to trip and hurt themselves on the way to school. The drop created by the settled concrete posed a serious tripping hazard, making the need for Concrete Lift and Level Services in Bethany, OK, urgent.

Sunken ConcreteSunken Concrete

The Solution: PolyLevel Technology

After reaching out to Vesta Foundation Solutions, our Customer Care team promptly scheduled a home inspection. Our System Design Specialist assessed the situation and recommended our Concrete Lift and Level Services in Bethany, OK, using PolyLevel, an advanced concrete lifting and stabilizing solution.

PolyLevel offers several advantages over traditional mudjacking:

  • Durability: PolyLevel is incredibly durable, ensuring a long-lasting solution.
  • Less Invasive: The process is less invasive, with minimal disruption to the property.
  • Quick Application: The application process is fast, with minimal downtime, allowing the sidewalk to be used almost immediately.

The Process

Our production team arrived on schedule and meticulously injected the PolyLevel beneath the sunken areas of the sidewalk. This process carefully raised the concrete to its original level, eliminating any tripping hazards. The job was completed smoothly and efficiently, with no major disruptions to the household, showcasing the effectiveness of our Concrete Lift and Level Services in Bethany, OK.

Results and Benefits

The result was a safer, leveled, and stabilized sidewalk, ready just in time for the new school year. The homeowners were overjoyed with the transformation and impressed with our team's professionalism and efficiency. They appreciated that our solution not only enhanced the safety and appearance of their sidewalk but also provided a lasting solution. Most importantly, they were relieved that their children and other kids in the neighborhood could walk safely to and from school.

Concrete lifted Concrete lifted

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Why Choose Vesta Foundation Solutions in Bethany, OK?

Expertise and Professionalism

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we pride ourselves on our expertise and professionalism. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring that every job is done right the first time.

We use PolyLevel, which is a superior alternative to traditional methods. Its durability, quick application, and minimally invasive process are ideal for concrete lifting and leveling.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is our customers' satisfaction. We strive to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. The positive feedback from the Bethany family is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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If you're experiencing similar issues with uneven concrete in Bethany, OK, don't wait until it becomes a hazard. Contact Vesta Foundation Solutions to schedule your inspection and learn more about how our PolyLevel technology can help. Ensure the safety of your family and neighbors with our reliable and efficient concrete lifting and leveling services.