At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we recently tackled a project for a homeowner in Norman, OK, who was facing a pesky and potentially hazardous issue by their swimming pool. Imagine lounging outside, soaking up the sun, when suddenly, you notice a section of the concrete around your pool has risen, creating a tripping hazard and an eyesore in what should be your backyard oasis. Concerned about the safety and aesthetics of their pool area, the homeowner wanted a solution that wouldn't involve the hassle and expense of tearing out and repouring concrete.


That's when they called us. Our team was more than ready to help.


After the homeowner reached out to our welcoming Customer Care team, we sent out a System Design Specialist from our Sales Team to assess the situation thoroughly. Our specialist determined that the best course of action would be the installation of PolyLevel, an innovative, strong, and minimally invasive solution designed to lift and stabilize sinking concrete slabs. It's a quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to address uneven concrete without the mess of traditional methods.


Our skilled production team, led by a seasoned foreman and comprised of expert installers, went to work with precision. They injected PolyLevel beneath the sunken slab, raising it back to its original level, and within no time, the poolside was safe and visually appealing again. Unlike the lengthy curing time associated with new concrete, PolyLevel allowed for a prompt return to normal use of the pool area, much to the homeowner's delight.


This joyous outcome is a textbook example of how we fulfill our mission to provide a remarkable customer experience and reliable and durable solutions to your home's issues. From the initial call to the finishing touches, we ensure every step.