The Problem: Uneven Floors and Foundation Issues

During the construction of homes, concrete slabs are sometimes poured over wet, weak, or poorly compacted soil. As the soil settles over time, the concrete slab settles unevenly, leading to uneven or cracked floors. This was exactly the problem faced by a homeowner in Stillwater, OK. The homeowner began noticing that their floor was pulling away from walls and doorways, creating significant separation above their bedroom door frame. These issues are both a safety concern and a potential deal-breaker for prospective buyers if the homeowner ever decides to sell the property.

The Challenge: A Noninvasive and Cost-Effective Solution

The homeowner was looking for a solution that was both noninvasive and cost-effective. Traditional methods like mudjacking, self-leveling compounds, or pier installations were too disruptive or expensive. They needed a permanent solution that would not require tearing up flooring or extensive renovations. Vesta Foundation Solutions offered an innovative approach with their Polylevel injection foam system.

The Solution: Polylevel Injection Foam

Vesta Foundation Solutions proposed using their Polylevel injection foam to address the homeowner’s issues. Here’s how they solved the problem in three key steps:

  1. Our Inspection Process:
    The first step was thoroughly inspecting the property for general foundation issues. Then, our team evaluated the extent of the interior slab to identify the best points for injection. This careful planning ensured that the solution would be effective and efficient, minimizing disruption to the homeowner. Once the homeowner decided to go with the project, our team did our best to get them on the schedule as soon as possible for an install date.
  2. Polylevel Injection:
    Next, our installation crew will install the product. The Polylevel is installed by injecting a high-density polyurethane foam beneath the sunken concrete slab. The foam expands, filling voids and lifting the slab to its original level. This non-invasive method requires only small injection points that are easily patched up afterward. The entire process is quick, often completed within a few hours.
  3. Final Adjustments and Quality Check:
    After the injection, our team did a final walkthrough to ensure the floor was level and stable. They also performed a thorough quality check to confirm that the gaps and cracks, including the separation above the bedroom door frame, were fully addressed. Knowing that the foundation was secure gave the homeowner peace of mind.

The Outcome: A Satisfied Homeowner

As our installation crew did a final walkthrough with the homeowner, they found the results impressive. The homeowner did not have to spend thousands of dollars removing and replacing flooring or undergoing extensive renovations. The Polylevel injection foam provided a permanent solution that was quick, cost-effective, and noninvasive. The homeowner was particularly pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of the Vesta Foundation Solutions team.

Proof Points:

  • Time Efficiency: The entire process was completed in less than a day.
  • Cost Savings: The homeowner saved thousands of dollars compared to traditional repair methods.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The homeowner reported high satisfaction with the speed and effectiveness of the service.

We Are Here To Redefine The Industry

Vesta Foundation Solutions has established itself as a credible and reliable provider of foundation repair services in Stillwater, OK. By offering innovative solutions like Polylevel injection foam, they continue to meet the needs of homeowners looking for cost-effective home repairs. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted partner in the community.