Yard Drainage Options

If you are experiencing water pooling in your yard and along the foundation, this can sometimes cause concrete and foundation movement issues. By properly installing and maintaining yard drainage systems around your Dallas home, many customers can prevent foundation problems from starting.

Signs of Drainage Issues

If you are experiencing standing water in your yard or along the foundation wall of your home, you may need a professionally installed yard drainage system in Dallas. Water from downspouts and sprinkler systems can sometimes create areas where water can soften or washout soil that would otherwise be holding up the home or surrounding concrete. Water runoff from neighboring properties and streets can increase the amount of water flowing to your property thus increasing the likeliness of foundation or concrete concerns.

Dallas Yard Drainage

Methods for Repairing Improper Drainage

When designing a yard drainage system for your Dallas home to repair unwanted surface water, a group of patented systems may be used to help prevent unwanted movement in your home's foundation or concrete. These systems may include:

  • French drain installations
  • Yard grading
  • Catch basins
  • Exterior sump systems
  • Concrete trench drains
  • PVC drainage systems
  • Downspout extensions

Designing a Yard Drainage System

When designing a yard drainage system french drain, or downspout extensions for your home in Dallas, there are several aspects that will be taken into consideration. Our team is trained and certified to help evaluate the following to ensure you get the most reliable system that will stand the test of time. The team at Vesta Foundation Solutions can help evaluate:

  • How large the surface area is for best results.
  • How large the drain system will need to be.
  • Best discharge points to prevent failure and neighborly disputes.
  • Creating best access points for future maintenance.

Scheduling a Drainage Inspection

Inspecting a home in Dallas for yard drainage systems can be a quick process. The inspection can take about 30-45 minutes depending on the size and grade of your home’s yard. Vesta Foundation Solutions can provide a detailed inspection with recommendations that will help determine if your home needs a drainage system. These evaluations are free and can help determine the best approach for your home in Dallas, whether that is a french drain, downspout extensions, or something else..

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