Crawl Space Winterization in Dallas

Protect your home and lower energy costs

Dallas homeowners may not see a lot of snow, but it still gets cold. You might not think of crawl space winterization as a necessity, but nighttime temperatures can get below freezing some years. The last thing you want is to find out you should have winterized when a pipe in your crawl space bursts during freezing weather. 

Crawl Space Drainage Matting

Benefits of crawl space winterization

Your crawl space affects a lot more of your home than most homeowners realize. When it’s exposed to outside elements, it can cause drafts, let in pests, and even contribute to mold growth when it’s too humid. Because winterization seals and insulates your crawl space, our system protects it from more than just the cold. Winterization helps: 

  • Lower energy usage
  • Protect against moisture damage
  • Keep temperatures controlled
  • Deter pests from nesting in your home
  • Our crawl space solutions

At Vesta, our experts always start with a free inspection. That way, we can assess the situation and determine if crawl space winterization is the best solution for your home. The installation process includes air sealing and insulating with our high-grade Star Guard Crawl Space Wall Insulation system and Vesta moisture barriers. 

Star Guard panels are covered in foil to reflect heat back into your crawl space, while our strong moisture barriers completely seal your crawl space from humidity and pests. We can customize both to fit around the entire perimeter of your crawl space walls and floor, making it an ideal solution for any home.

Schedule your free inspection

Does your crawl space need to be winterized? Reach out to schedule your free crawl space inspection in Dallas. One of our experts will let you know if your crawl space has any issues and help you decide on the best protection for your home.