A Drainage System to Prevent Crawl Space Damage

The vents in the crawl space beneath your home essentially leave that space wide open to the great outdoors, which means that water, pests, and fungal growth can collect and gather just below the first floor of your home. In truth, much of the air you breathe inside your home comes up through the crawl space. If your home in Dallas hasn’t had basement waterproofing, that air is most likely unhealthy. There’s also a good chance that the joists supporting the floor beneath your feet are soaking in moisture. Eventually, that moisture will cause wood rot, and the ability of those joists to provide adequate support will be compromised. Standing water in the crawl space can also damage the concrete foundation that supports your entire house.

A QuikFlo Drainage System Keeps Your Crawl Space Dry

The QuikFlo advanced drainage system is an innovative drain design that we install around the perimeter of the crawl space to divert the water away from your home. The perforated pipe collects the water from the silty, sandy, and clay soils that surround the foundation, and continually moves that water along a shallow channel toward the street. This unique crawl space drainage system keeps your Dallas home safe from mold and reduces the amount of gravel needed to facilitate adequate runoff. The various sized holes allow for effective water management for homes with medium to extreme hydrostatic force exerted by the saturated soil that surrounds the foundation. The system was specifically designed for interior water management, and effectively reduces the water in your crawl space to mitigate mold growth and foundation damage.

QuikFlo Drain

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