Crawl Space Block Wall Sealer

Protect Your Crawl Space by Sealing Your Block Walls

Crawl spaces are designed with many different openings and areas for unwanted moisture and pests to make their way in. It’s very important to protect your crawl space from moisture and pest invasion to prevent expensive structural damage over time. One of the ways air and pests can enter your crawl space is through the open voids in the concrete blocks, which is why we offer the WallCap Block Wall System to cover the voids and keep unwanted elements outside.

The WallCap Block Wall System is a simple plastic covering that is installed over the voids on the concrete block and seals off the top of your block wall, keeping all moisture and pests out. It’s a simple and easy installation that goes a long way in protecting your crawl space from unwanted problems.

Wall Cap example under stairs

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The Importance of Protecting Your Crawl Space

There are many different outside elements that can be damaging to a crawl space. In the summertime, the humid air can create condensation and cause wooden beams in your crawl space to rot and lose their structural integrity. Any voids in your crawl space can also allow unwanted bugs and pests to enter, making the space dirty and creating foul smells.

In the wintertime, the cold air can enter and cause issues with freezing pipes. For all of these reasons, it’s very important to completely seal off all areas where air or pests can enter. Along with other crawl space products like vapor barriers or crawl space doors, the WallCap Block Wall System is a simple solution that can protect your crawl space from these problems.

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