Post Tension Slab Repair

Post tension slabs are constructed using structural cables that are embedded in the slab during construction. After the concrete has cured, the cables are then tensioned using specialty equipment. This can prevent slab movement caused by the expansion and contraction of soil beneath the concrete floor. While these foundations can be less prone to foundation settlement the soils can still cause shifting in the stem wall if not properly supported.

Signs of Post Tension Slab Failure

If you are noticing cracks above doors and windows along the outside of your home, this can typically mean you are experiencing movement in the post tension slab. Sometimes the movement can be directly related to the outside stem wall and reveal itself as cracks in your outside brick cladding or siding. Many customers experiencing movement in their post tension slab can also notice visible cracks in the exposed concrete foundation along the perimeter of the home just beneath the brick facing.

Methods for repairing Post Tension Slabs

Many post tension slab homes can be remedied using foundation repair methods common in the Dallas, Fort Worth region. This can consist of foundation piering options as well as slab injection and drainage systems. The most commonly used systems are:

  • Steel piering systems
  • Slab injection technology
  • Concrete slab piers
  • French drain and water diversion systems

Warranty for Post Tension Slab Repairs

Depending on the repair methods used many have warranties that can exceed 50 years or more. A professional evaluation by a certified Foundation Repair Specialist will help determine the best approach to fixing or monitoring your homes foundation settlement. This typically is performed by using the following methods:

  • Onsite soil evaluation
  • Foundation survey using leveling equipment
  • Engineering software to determine the weight of the home
  • Mixing and matching laboratory tested products to achieve the best results

Post Tension Slab Inspections

Inspecting a post tension slab for foundation movement is a quick process that can take from 30-60 minutes depending on the size and shape of your home. Vesta Foundation Solutions can provide a detailed inspection with recommendations that will help determine if your home is in fact moving. These evaluations are free and can help determine whether your home is experiencing movement.

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