Tilting Chimney Repair Near Dallas, Fort Worth

Rarely does it get cold enough to snow here in Dallas, yet there are occasional days in January when a log burning in the fireplace just hits the spot. But because those days are spread so far apart across the months and years, you might not have noticed that your chimney has separated from your home. Seeing a tilted chimney is disconcerting, and rightly so; it’s the primary indication that you have a problem with the foundation of your home in Dallas. Repair your tilting or leaning chimney with Vesta Foundation Solutions of Dallas today.  

We can repair your tilting chimney in Dallas

In Dallas, a tilting chimney in need of repair can indicate a serious issue with the foundation of your home and requires repair much sooner than later. We recommend you check the interior of your house for other indications of a foundation problem:

  • Cracks in the drywall
  • Uneven floors
  • Misaligned door jambs
  • Hard to open windows
  • …Among other symptoms

Any of these additional symptoms is a sure sign your foundation is compromised. But not all is lost. The experts at Vesta Foundation Solutions can repair the tilting or leaning chimney on your Dallas home today.

Tilted Chimney example

We’ll repair your leaning chimney

A tilting chimney and the associated foundation issues are not a DIY project. Filling in the gap between your home and the chimney with foam or new masonry will not solve the problem. More than likely, the solution to your foundation issue will require some excavation and the installation of helical piers, a system of helical blades we screw deep into the ground to take hold of soil or bedrock strong enough to bear the weight of your home.

Our experts will inspect your home to determine the exact cause for the separation and tilting of your chimney in Dallas, and we can repair the foundation as well. We want to ensure that our solution is the most cost-effective and permanent chimney repair for your Dallas-Fort Worth home. In other words, we want our work to be perfect.

Vesta Foundation Solutions is dedicated to stabilizing the foundation and repairing the chimney of your Dallas home to ensure your safety and comfort, and the value of your biggest investment. Complete our online contact form or give us a call today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.