Tilting Chimney Repair Near Dallas, Fort Worth

We can identify and repair issues related to a failing chimney

Is your chimney or smokestack tilting and separating from your home? This could be a sign of a serious foundation problem that needs to be repaired. At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we specialize in providing high-quality foundation and chimney repair solutions for all types of foundation problems.

If you have a leaning or tilting chimney, cracks where the chimney foundation meets the home foundation, damage to the roof where flashing meets the chimney, or gaps between the chimney and home walls that have been filled in with mortar, foam, or caulk, we can provide you with a permanent chimney repair solution for your home in Dallas.

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Repairing tilting chimney problems

One of the most shocking and dramatic signs of settlement is a chimney separating away from the rest of the home. We will be able to assess the damage and identify the cause and extent of the problem. Because this is often one symptom of a potentially serious foundation issue, we recommend checking the rest of the house for problems as well. This inspection is crucial to the success of our foundation and tilting chimney repair service offered to Dallas homeowners.

Why do chimneys lean?

  • Chimneys sometimes have a missing or inadequate chimney footing. When this occurs, your chimney has not been designed with the proper structural support and it will fail over time.
  • Chimneys experience tilting problems most commonly when the structure has been built on poor supporting soils. If the soils supporting your chimney are not sufficient to hold its weight, the chimney may begin to sink, causing it to separate from the rest of the home and tilt outward.
Tilted Chimney example

Installing helical piers for chimney repair

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we recommend stabilizing a tilting chimney with a helical pier system. These foundation piers include helical blades that allow the piers to be driven (or "screwed") deep into the ground to stronger supporting soils.

Once driven into the ground, a bracket is attached to the helical pier and mounted on the footing of your chimney's foundation. Once installed, the helical pier can even be used to attempt to return your chimney to its original position.

A word of warning

Filling in the void between your house and chimney is not the answer! Many homeowners will have the void filled with masonry, foam, caulk, or some other material. This is a temporary fix only — and it'll have to be removed when the real repair is done.

It's also important to note that structural issues with your chimney are often connected to other, potentially much more serious foundation problems. The same problems that caused your chimney to lean and show signs of failure can also affect your foundation or structure. We can help you identify and repair any other foundation issues.

Repaired Tilted Chimney

We can repair your tilting chimney in Dallas!

At Vesta Foundation Solutions, we specialize in foundation repairs of all kinds, including those related to tilting, leaning chimneys. Our warrantied solution will quickly and permanently solve your foundation issue.

We provide free, written chimney and foundation repair inspections to Dallas homeowners throughout our service area. Each inspection is made in person, on site, and comes with no obligation to you. Our chimney repair service area includes Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby. Call (214) 427-1220 or e-mail us today to schedule your appointment!