Jammed Doors & Sticking Windows in Dallas

Solving foundation problems that lead to sticking windows & doors

Are you dealing with windows and doors that stick and jam or have malfunctioning locks? It might surprise you to learn that your home’s foundation often causes this. 

Foundation settlement or crawl space supports that shift or deteriorate over time are the two leading causes of windows and doors that stick. Fortunately, the team at Vesta Foundation Solutions has the answer for you. You can call us for an evaluation of your home, and we can set you up with a customized foundation repair.

The Problem with Settling Foundations

Uneven foundation settlement could cause parts of the foundation to shift or crack while the rest stays put. When the soil settlement causes these shifts, the wood framing can bend, leaving you with jammed doors and sticking windows in your Dallas home. 

The Vesta Foundation Solutions approach to this problem includes installing foundation piers. The piers will help stabilize the foundation while preventing further settling, and once the foundation raises back up, your Dallas home’s jammed doors, sticking windows, and locks can function normally again.

Image showing sever foundation issues
Image showing sever foundation issues

The Problem with Sinking Crawl Space Supports

It’s no secret that crawl spaces are often an afterthought when designing a home. But this can be an issue if the space lacks enough support columns or has weaker supporting soils that could cause what support it does have to sink. When the crawl space sinks, the floor will sink with it, as will the attached interior walls. 

Our team can quickly repair this foundation issue in Dallas with crawl space support jacks. Once we’ve finished the installation, the supports will stop your floors from sinking further. These systems can be installed quickly and are much more effective and long-lasting than repairs like shimming or concrete columns.

The Foundation Repair Experts

When you call Vesta Foundation Solutions, we can determine your foundation’s problem and find the right solution for you. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help with your jammed doors and sticking windows in Dallas, contact us for your free inspection.